Friday, July 04, 2014

Two or three things I know about it...

1. “A qualitative and quantitative unprecedented leap of Orienteering's development in Uruguay.” This is how Winston Robilotta, President of the Uruguayan Orienteering Association, classified the adoption of Sport Ident system for controlling Orienteering events in that South American country. Coinciding with the visit of Siegfried Ritter, representative of the German enterprise, the Uruguayan orienteers opened the new equipment, which they hope will optimize major organizational aspects of national and international events already scheduled, as well as promote the growth of the competitive level of the participants. The presentation of the equipment took place on June 21st, in Punta del Este, and was supplemented with a demo event in the morning the next day at Arboretum Lussich, patrimonial heritage of Maldonado, the Uruguay's capital of Orienteering. Winston Robilotta hope for “a continued momentum, which combines the appropriate conditions for the achievement of the XX Latin Countries Cup, in November, an international event that takes place simultaneously with the VIII Mercosur Orienteering Cup and the 2nd International Maldonado O' Meeting”. The Sierra de la Ballena, the small towns of Gregorio Aznárez and Cerros Azules and the sunny streets of Punta del Este are the stages of a spectacular set of competitions, “certainly marking a before and an after in the Uruguayan Orienteering” concludes Robilotta. Learn more at

2. Signed by Bernt O. Myrvold, the Norwegian Orienteering Federation has published on its website a series of valuable articles which report the beginnings of Orienteering, particularly in Norway. If, for their relevance and information content, "From the History Books" is a series that deserves a close look, the truth is that there is an article that draws our attention in particular and which focuses on the origins of Trail Orienteering. From the initiatory experiences in 1973 to the first symposium on Orienteeing for people with physical disabilities, in spring 1984 and the first big TrailO event opposing Norwegians and Swedes in 1989, “Fra historieboka: NUG / TOF / Pre-o - Kjært barn har mange navn” gives a precious image of a whole evolutionary process in which is based on the TrailO as we know it today. Worth reading the article in the original version, in, or using the automatic translation of the English version [HERE].

3. For those who, directly or indirectly, attended the recent European Trail Orienteering Championships ETOC 2014, it will be a revisitation. For others, it is an unique opportunity to relive, although virtually, the emotions of the TempO competition – Qualifying Heats and Final - held at Palmela Village, on 13th and 16th April. This is another initiative of Czech Libor Frost and Lenka Forstová, published since the last 26th June in their “TempO - Training Page”, at Not to be missed!

Joaquim Margarido

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