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IOF Orienteering World Cup 2015: Daniel Hubmann and Tove Alexandersson winners of the second stage

Similar to what happened last Sunday, the flags of Switzerland and Sweden fluttered again in the main mast of the World Cup 2015’s podium. Daniel Hubmann and Tove Alexandersson were the big winners of the Middle Distance stage, by margins both comfortable as tasty.

The Swiss Daniel Hubmann won the second stage of the World Cup 2015, held today in Coles Bay, Tasmania. In a particularly difficult terrain, with the details of relief and vegetation to enforce its law, the Swiss athlete proved to be in good shape, running the 5.2 kilometers of his course in a consistent way and without significant mistakes, finishing with the time of 31:48. After the second place in the Sprint stage, last Sunday, Hubmann reached a tasty victory - the 25th of his career in stages scoring for the World Cup -, particularly valued by the strong opposition from the Norwegian Olav Lundanes, World Champion in Middle Distance and current leader of the IOF World Ranking. Lundanes spent over 55 seconds to the winner, finishing ahead of the Swiss Matthias Kyburz, the winner of the first stage of this opening round of the World Cup 2015, this time third placed with a time of 33:12.

In the women class, the Swedish Tove Alexandersson had a performance bordering on perfection, beating her more direct opponents by a very large margin. The athlete - who had already won the Sprint stage and currently in the lead of the IOF World Ranking - met the 4.0 km race in 29:40, leaving behind her the Norwegian Mari Fasting and also the Swedish Maria Magnusson, with more 2:38 and 4:02, respectively. In a stage that had the participation of 96 athletes, the New Zealanders Matthew Ogden and Lizzie Ingham made the honours”
 of the Oceania region, concluding their courses in the 13th and 12th positions, respectively, in men and women classes.

What they said

“Totally happy with the World Cup victory today in Australia! I had a good flow through the tricky course”
, that´s how Daniel Hubmann defined his performance in a message left on his Facebook page, at Also, Tove Alexandersson refers to the two wins opening the World Cup 2015 as a dream start”
, hoping that things can go on like that, at least in the Long Distance on Saturday”
. In a short interview which can be read in the Swedish Orienteering Federation page [HERE], Tove speaks about a course on a special terrain that I'm not really used to, and it was quite challenging orienteering, so I've made some small mistakes. But I think I managed to keep the concentration all the way. It was really fun.”
 And the last words: I know I'm in good shape and that suits me well when it is both technically and physically challenging orinteering. But it’s just the beginning of the season.”

The third and final stage of the IOF Orienteering World Cup 2015's opening round will take place on Saturday, January 10th, with the Long Distance course at Constable Creek, St Helens. Full information at



1. Daniel Hubmann (Switzerland) 31:48

2. Olav Lundanes (Norway) 32:43 (+ 0:55)

3. Matthias Kyburz (Switzerland) 33:12 (+ 1:24)

4. Florian Howald (Switzerland) 33:39 (+ 1:51)

5. Andreas Ruedlinger (Switzerland) 33:40 (+ 1:52)

6. Albin Ridefelt (Sweden) 33:50 (+ 2:02)

1. Tove Alexandersson (Sweden) 29:40

2. Mari Fasting (Norway) 32:18 (+ 2:38)

3. Maria Magnusson (Sweden) 33:42 (+ 4:02)

4. Tatiana Ryabkina (Russia 34:11 (+ 4:31)

5. Sara Luescher (Switzerland) 34:19 (+ 4:39)

5. Emma Johansson (Sweden) 34:19 (+ 4:39)

[Photo: Daniel Hubmann / facebook/dhubmann/]

Joaquim Margarido

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  1. The Swiss Daniel Hubmann won the second stage of the World Cup 2015 Congratulations to all winner.. Thanks for sharing!!