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IOF Orienteering World Cup 2015: Matthias Kyburz and Tove Alexandersson won the first stage

Confirming the good performances in the qualifying series, Matthias Kyburz and Tove Alexandersson won the IOF Orienteering World Cup's first stage. In a hot and windy morning, they were the fastest, relishing their triumphs by comfortable margins.

The campus of the University of Tasmania hosted the Sprint Final of the opening round of the IOF Orienteering World Cup 2015. Allowing to realize the momentum of some athletes in an early step of the season - or showing at least those best adapted to the dramatic change of time zones – the race offered a considerable number of technical challenges around the complex university buildings. As for the final results, we cannot say that we faced surprises as big as that (in fact, if there was a surprise, it was in the qualifying series, with the exclusion of the Junior Sprint World Champion, New Zealander Tim Robertson), although not expected so wide margins for the winners, especially in the women class.

With a course in the distance of 4350 meters, the Swiss Matthias Kyburz was the strongest in the men class, finishing with a time of 15:06. In the second position, the Swiss Daniel Hubmann fixed his time in 15:39, while the third place fell to the Swedish Gustav Bergmann, with 39 more seconds than the winner. Injured, the current Sprint World Champion, the Dane Søren Bobach, was 14th in the final, while Julian Dent was the leading Australian in the 18th position. With one or another exception, the messages on social networks aware of a challenging and fun race, leaving in the competitors a note of satisfaction and pleasure. In a short message left on his facebook page - - Matthias Kyburz highlights the fact that it was his 10th victory in the World Cup, in an event where the atmospheric temperature recorded the 35 degrees Celsius.

Tove wins by surprising margin

In the women's race, the leader of the IOF World Ranking, the Swedish Tove Alexandersson, imposed herself to the other competitors, spending 14:58 in the 3750 meters of her course. The value of this record gets a true meaning when compared to the time of the Swiss Judith Wyder - European Champion and World Champions in Sprint -, which spent more 1:02 (!) than the winner. The Swiss Sara Luescher closed the podium with the time of 16:13 while Rachel Effeney, in the 14th position, was the best australian female athlete. In the page of the Swedish Orienteering Federation - - Tove was pleased with her performance: “I have done a good race. The only mistake was when I thought that one control would sit on the other side of the fence, the mistake costs me five or ten seconds” she said. Not hiding her surprise by the difference of times for the most direct opponents, Tove's feelings “were good, despite the heat”. And she adds: “Of course it's very special to compete in the World Cup so early in the season. But I've had a really good training period the last two months and just released the training a bit in the last week. Therefore, it is great to get such positive response here.”

The World Cup continues on Thursday, 8th January, with the Middle Distance stage in Coles Bay. Complete information at


1. Matthias Kyburz (Switzerland) 15:06
2. Daniel Hubmann (Switzerland) 15:39 (+ 0:33)
3. Gustav Bergman (Sweden) 15:45 (+ 0:39)
4. Florian Howald (Switzerland) 15:46 (+ 0:40)
5. Olav Lundanes (Norway) 15:50 (+ 0:44)
6. Jerker Lysell (Sweden) 16:07 (+ 1:01)

1. Tove Alexandersson (Sweden) 14:58
2. Judith Wyder (Switzerland) 16:00 (+ 1:02)
3. Sara Luescher (Switzerland) 16:13 (+ 1:15)
4. Ida Bobach (Denmark) 16:47 (+ 1:49)
5. Karolin Ohlsson (Sweden) 16:51 (+ 1:53)
6. Julia Gross (Switzerland) 16:53 (+ 1:55)

[Photo: Paul Scambler /]

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