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Trail Orienteering: Future discussed at Frankfurt

The joint meeting of the IOF Council and the Commissions of each one of the disciplines took place last weekend, at Frankfurt. Member of the IOF Trail Orienteering Commission, the Norwegian Ole-Johan Waaler shared on his blog - - some of the conclusions. The Portuguese Orienteering Blog summarizes the article, highlighting its most important subjects.

The IOF Council and Commissions had the usual joint meeting in the past 16th and 17th January, this time at Frankfurt. The bulk of the encounter was devoted to meetings of each one of the Commissions separately, with the Saturday morning dedicated to the latest news presented by the upper body. A good part of the news are published at the IOF webpage - -, waiting for the necessary approval.

The conclusions of the Trail Orienteering Commission’s meeting include a large number of points, mostly proposals also waiting to be approved by the Secretariat or the IOF Council before being made official. Are in this the case the proposals for Event Advisers for the next major competitions, where and when Clinics will be held and others. European Cup in TrailO, world ranking, European Championships, Guidelines for organizers and Relay were also discussed issues during the meeting.

TrailO Ranking on the way

The European Cup in TrailO will continue next year and the applications must be submitted until July. The Commission considers that is desirable that more TempO courses may be part of the European Cup calendar. In the meanwhile, one of the IOF Council priorities lies on the need of extending the World Cup to all disciplines, although it was not clear when the decision will be taken and will take effect. Also the establishment of a Trail Orienteering World Ranking and the definition of World Ranking Events seems to be a priority. After all, the Trail Orienteering is the only discipline that has no such ranking. A meeting between the Trail Orienteering Commission and the IOF Rules Commission shall be scheduled to clarify some subjects that may be involved in the Ranking’s creation.

The Trail Orienteering Commission also had a meeting with the EWG - European Working Group, denouncing the existence of applications for the European Championships only concerned to Foot Orienteering, leaving the Trail Orienteering aside. Considering that is desirable the European Championships to be conducted jointly in Foot Orienteering and Trail Orienteering, the IOF Trail Orienteering Commission asked the European Working Group to contact the candidates in order to have European Championships in FootO and TrailO at the same time. Also the Guidelines for organizers were fully reviewed and suffered some adjustments. Many of the changes were based on the reports of the organizers and Event Advisers from the recent European Championships and World Championships.

Relay replaces the Team Competition already in 2016

From 2016, will cease the Team Competition, being replaced by the new Relay format. This decision requires the approval by the IOF Council, which should be signed in the autumn. The new format has its starting point on a proposal from the Athletes' Commission, with slight adjustments by the Trail Orienteering Commission, and will be subject of a demonstration activity in the last day of the World Trail Orienteering Championship WTOC 2015, in Croatia.

Briefly, the Relay will be played in two classes, Open and Paralympic, for teams of three athletes. The format is based on a formal course with a total of 30 controls (10 controls each leg) and a time limit of 90 minutes in all three legs. In addition, there will be a TempO station, with 5 controls (two stations, eventually), which should be fulfilled by the three members of the team. The penalty for each incorrect answer will be of 60 seconds in the PreO and 30 seconds on the TempO.

The start will be given in mass and the athletes of the first two legs will make the TempO station after finishing their courses. The athletes competing on the final leg, after finishing the PreO course, will wait in a quarantine zone until the calculation and announcement of the results. After that, they will dispute the TempO station, by the reverse order of their classification, ie the top-ranked before this decisive moment will be the last to start.

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Joaquim Margarido

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