Monday, January 19, 2015

Two or three things I know about it...

1. Switzerland is ready to host the 8th edition of European Ski Orienteering Championship ESOC 2015. The best athletes in this exciting discipline have gathered in Lenzerheide to compete for the medals in three individual races – Sprint, Middle and Long – and two relays – the traditional Relay and the Mixed Sprint Relay for teams of two including at least one woman. Current leaders of the IOF World Rankings, the Russian Andrey Lamov and the Swedish Tove Alexandersson are the headliners of a competition that joins 106 participants. Great winners of the European Ski Orienteering Championships in 2014, the Czech Hana Hancikova and the Finn Mervi Pesu will try to neutralize Tove Alexandersson's favouritism, revalidating the titles of Sprint and Long Distance, respectively. In the male sector, the Bulgarian Stanimir Belomazhev and the Russian Vladimir Barchukov will face the assault of Andrey Lamov, saving their titles of Long Distance and Middle Distance, respectively. Other names to consider are the Swede Peter Arnesson, the triple world champion in 2013 and the Norwegian Hans Jorgen Kvale and Lars Moholdt, second and third placed in the IOF World Ranking. Winner of the World Cup in 2013/2014 and nº 2 in the IOF World Ranking, the Russian Tatiana Rvacheva is absent from the competition, such as her teammate, Anastasia Kravchenko, World Champion of Middle Distance nº 3 in the IOF World Ranking. Simultaneously with the ESOC 2015 will take place the 18th World Masters Ski Orienteering Championships. The competition will start tomorrow with the Sprint race. Everything to follow at

2. Some of the conclusions of the International Orienteering Federation Joint Meeting of Council and Commissions, which took place in Frankfurt, have been released. Among them is the approval of the application of the Egyptian Orienteering Federation as 79th member of the International Orienteering Federation. This decision is provisional and needs to be ratificated at the next IOF General Assembly to be held in 2016. Another of the decisions has to do with the allocation of the organization of the World Trail Orienteering Championships 2017 to Lithuania, country that will also host the World Masters MTB Orienteering Championships 2016. The World Masters Ski orienteering Championship 2017 will take place in Finland and the schedule for the World Orienteering Championships 2018, in Latvia - 27th July to 5th August - was approved. Finally, the IOF Council decided on the provisional approval of SFR Punching System in WRE events. Designed in 1993 for time-keeping service of the first World Cup Foot Orienteering event in Russia, the SFR Punching System is described as a “cheap analogue of SportIdent” and has had great acceptance in countries like Ukraine, Latvia and Lithuania, in addition to Russia, of course. More information about this subjects at

3. The British Orienteering Federation webpage has, since the beginning of 2015, a new and interesting feature for Trail Orienteering lovers. This is what Clive Allen, its creator, calls the "TrailO minisite" and can be seen at Masterpiece of Trail Orienteering, the article by Don Braggins on the Introduction to the PreO is only one of the major documents in a collection that encompasses a Guide for TempO Beginners, boards with the most relevant moments of the British TrailO both nationally and international, event calendars and links to some of the most significant Trail orienteering pages. Based on this model, the Portuguese Orienteering Blog proposes to support the design of a new webpage in portuguese language exclusively dedicated to Trail Orienteering, by providing contents (text and photos). Those who may be interested should send their suggestions to

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