Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Aaro Asikainen: "Thierry is still the king!"

"Of course, tomorrow is a new day." These were Aaro Asikainen's words, when asked wether he was ready to improve the second place at the end of the third stage and take the victory overall in the POM 2015. And it was, in fact, a new day. The Finnish signed his name for the first time in the Portugal O' Meeting's Hall of Fame and shares his impressions about a very special moment.

It was a hard fight until the end. To catch Baptiste Rollier wouldn't be enough, it should be necessary to beware of those who came from back. And in the depths of the forest, it is easy to raise the question: Has anyone passed me? But no, at least in the case of Aaro Asikainen, on POM's last day, the victory day at Portugal O 'Meeting 2015. A victory that was, above all, a surprise: “I made some small mistakes in the beginning and, after that, I was a little bit afraid, thinking that I was probably too much behind Baptiste. And I was surprised when my team mates started pushing me, saying that I was in the first position. A really nice surprise”, Asikainen said.

Talking about his race, Asikainen admits that things weren't easy: “I would say that it was the most difficult stage of the POM for me, with really tricky orienteering but, most of all, because after three races, my mind was quite tired as well as my body, so that's why I consider it the most difficult stage.” The balance couldn't have been more positive and the natural word as a result of the victory is “motivation”. According to Asikainen's words, “the motivation is really high. It's a wonderful opening of the season and will be really nice to go back to home and also do some country ski again. And I'm very happy with the organization, it was once again a really nice Meeting.

In a moment of celebration, Asikainen didn't forget about Thierry Gueorgiou, the winner of the three previous editions of POM and the big absent this year, because of an injury: “Actually, Thierry sent me an e-mail yesterday, wishing me good luck. As I said before, it was quite a surprise to win and it's always good to win. I'm very proud to succeed after Thierry, this is really a big thing to me because I've been struggling quite much with some injuries and I think that, finally, I've found my own way to work, to compete, to train, everything. I think this is a prize for a really hard work. However, it's not still my time to be the king, Thierry is still the king!”

Joaquim Margarido

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