Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Martin Hubmann: "My dream is to win an individual medal once"

To the seventh place in the most important stage of the Portugal O' Meeting - the Long Distance WRE, on the third day –, he added the seventh place overall. On his return to Portugal, Martin Hubmann talks about his experience and shares his big dream.

How do you evaluate the POM 2015?

Martin Hubmann (M. H.) - I enjoyed it a lot. As always, we could see really nice, well organized competitions, good terrains and nice maps. I’ve already been here twice, in the coastal terrains and with similar competition maps, so I knew what to expect. I like mostly the maps in the mountains, with all those rocks and the challenge of more route choices instead of running straight, but it was nice as a basic Training Camp.

Are you happy with your results?

M. H. - My goal wasn’t to win the Portugal O’ Meeting. I tried to focus on two races – well, I didn’t win that (laughs) -, but it is okay. I don’t do too much orienteering in the winter, so it's not about the shape now. I’m getting back on the maps and I think it worked really well. The season will start in May with some important competitions, so there’s still a lot of time for training. We’ll soon have another Training Camp in Spain, it's a matter of trying to fix things.

What's the big goal for the season?

M. H. - The World Championships in Scotland will be my main focus. It’s always a challenge, I have to be ready to get a place in the Swiss Team, so I need to be well prepared for the World Cup in June, in Norway and Sweden, because the test races will be there.

Is it in your plans to take the victory in the WOC's Sprint Mixed Relay?

M. H. - As a defending champion, it would be nice to be on the podium again, but, of course, my dream is to win an individual medal once. I don’t know if it will be already this year, but that’s my goal.

Excuse me for asking you this but… Do you feel in the shadow of your brother?

M. H. - When you ask it like that, yes (laughs). But it’s also an advantage to have a brother like Daniel, because I learn so much from him. He was also coaching me when I was a Junior, we still have a lot in common, we discuss a lot and I think we both take profit on it. Many people ask me the same question but I don’t care. I’m proud of having such a brother.

Do you dream of being also the nº1?

M. H. - In the family (laughs)?

World's nº 1, I mean. After all, what does your brother have that you don't?

M. H. - I think there’s still a physical gap to him, I’m not that fast yet. But that’s all about time and training. Of course, he’s more secure on the map than I am. It’s a matter of experience, mostly.

In the beginning of a new season, I would like to ask you for a wish to all orienteers.

M. H. - To those guys who do Orienteering, that are training and having fun, try to improve your shape and don’t get injured, because this is the most important. Otherwise, it sucks. It’s nice to be healthy, to go into the forest and to do orienteering.

Joaquim Margarido

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