Thursday, February 12, 2015

Nadiya Volynska: "I think that we should always listen to what Thierry says"

Nadiya Volynska elected Portugal, once again, as one of her training camps in the winter season. Her competitive attitude allowed her to win the 3rd Idanha-a-Nova International Meeting, after winning the Norte Alentejano O' Meeting 2015. And it was exactly at Castelo de Vide that the Portuguese Orienteering Blog met her, keeping a couple of ideas about herself, her will and dreams.

I would start by asking you about your feelings after the NAOM's two days.

Nadiya Volynska (N. V.) - I really enjoyed the last day, first of all because it was a completely new map and I didn't know what to expect. Looking at the sample map, I could see that it would be a little more detailed terrain, more green than the previous day, so I could expect that it would be slower. I was thinking about my strategy, to be more careful, not to run too straight, to find some around route choices, and it was a good option. The placement of the controls was something that pleased me a lot, by the infinity of route choices offered in terms of progression.

And what about your victory overall?

N. V. - It was very motivating, especially because I was really upset with my result yesterday. It was time to take more seriously a test race, pushing hard most of the time and I think that I succeeded.

How do you feel at the moment?

N. V. - It's still quite long time until the big competitions but it's good to have some points to see how is my shape. And I think it's pretty well, but for the moment it's more a question of mental stuff to train. I still have some time to perform well the physical and technical aspects of my preparation.

How important is the winter training? I always remember Thierry Gueorgiou's words, that's in the winter that you win the medals of the summer (!) …

N. V. - I haven't heard that but I think that we should always listen to what Thierry says. Yeah, it's really important to see the level, when there's no snow on the ground. Everyone is in the preparation period but there's already some level where you can see how fit you are. And if you are not as good as you thought, you still have some time to fix it.

What is the next step in terms of your preparation?

N. V. - Just to continue to train hard. Or maybe not that hard, but more clever. Be mentally focused on my goals.

Which are...

N. V. - The World Championships. My aim is to get, at last, some medal.

Being nº 12 in the IOF's World Ranking, is it just a number or does it represent something else to you?

N. V. - No, it's just a number. I have this dream, to get a medal in the World Championships, but I don't dream about winning every competition. For me, it's more important to enjoy what you do. If you push until the edge all the time, trying to win, you will not enjoy orienteering.

How do you see the present moment of Orienteering in Ukraine?

N. V. - Now it's a bit worse. Every part of life, every sport is affected, and Orienteering is no exception. Most of the best athletes are abroad, but the young generation is being undermined because they don't have a term of comparison, to see how good they are. I really would like to help them to become better, even living in Scandinavia. People believe that things changed and that it's not easy to become a member of a club in Scandinavia, for example, as it was a couple of years ago. But it's still possible. If you really dream of becoming a better orienteer, like many people who are looking for it, the doors will open and you will be very welcome. It's just a matter of trying.

I would ask you to make a wish to all orienteers all over the World.

N. V. - Stay healthy, enjoy orienteering and be positive!

Joaquim Margarido

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