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NAOM 2015: Bis of Ukraine in the end of 9th edition

With the sum of 700 participants, the Norte Alentejano O' Meeting 2015 finished at Castelo de Vide. Pointed as two of the big candidates to the victory, the Ukrainian Oleksandr Kratov and Nadiya Volynska were able to find the formula to improve the second place brought from the first stage, reaching undeniable victories and entering their names, for the very first time, in the Book of Honour of the event.

Confirming the good indications of the first day, the Ukrainian Oleksandr Kratov and Nadiya Volynska said goodbye in the best way to the Norte Alentejano O' Meeting 2015. Organized by the Grupo Desportivo dos Quatro Caminhos, Castelo de Vide and Marvão Municipalities, Portuguese Orienteering Federation and International Orienteering Federation, the Middle Distance stage of the second day had at Quinta das Lavandas' map the perfect end, with a well varied terrain testing the physical and technical shape of the participants. And for a happy ending, until the sun was keen to settle throughout the journey, revealing intensely the majesty and beauty of a unique landscape.

Dictating the rules, the Ukrainian Oleksandr Kratov was unstoppable, imposing their rhythm from the first to the last second and winning emphatically in 32:33. Current number 1 of the IOF's World Ranking, the Norwegian Olav Lundanes couldn't get better than the third place, losing 1:56 to Kratov, after yesterday had hitting the Ukrainian by 55 seconds of difference. The second position in the stgae fit this time to the Russian Valentin Novikov, with more 1:47 than the winner, staying in the third position in the overall of two stages of NAOM 2015. Tiago Romão was today's best Portuguese, finishing in the fourth place with 3:13 more than the winner. In the amount of two stages, Manuel Horta occupied the fifth position and was the best Portuguese.

In the Women Elite class, Olha Panchenko wasn't able to hold the first position brought from the opening stage, facing a much stronger Nadiya Volynska that ended her race with the time of 34:47. Panchenko was second to distant 1:41 of Volynska, a result that earned her the second position overall. Third classified in the stage and even in the event overall, the Russian Yulia Novikova ended her journey at 2:30 from the winner. Among the Portuguese, Stepanka Betkova, the Czech Republic athlete representing ADM Ori-Mondego, achieved the best result in the stage, stayed 5th classified with 45:12. Magalie Cordeiro Mendes, was the best Portuguese in the overall of two stages, finishing in 5th position.

Athlete's opinions

At the end of NAOM 2015, it was possible to hear the winners' opinions. To Oleksandr Kratov, as always, I've got a really nice experience and really nice competitions. I really enjoyed the races, the terrain as well and the maps. We can compare these maps with the ancient maps and we realize that the “old style” maps were good but now we have extremely well mapped maps. It's really pure joy to run and read it.”. Leaving praise also to the organization of NAOM - “it's difficult to complain” - the athlete finishes by saying that “this was a perfect period in the winter training”.

Nadiya Volynska also makes a very positive summary of her participation in the NAOM 2015 edition and in particular in this last stage: “I really enjoyed today, first of all because it was a completely new map and I didn't know what to expect. Looking to the sample map, I could see that it would be a little more detailed terrain, with much more green than the previous day, so I could expect that it would be much more slower. So, I was thinking about my strategy, to be more careful, not do too much straight, to find some around route choices, and it was a good option. The placement of the controls was something that pleased me immensely, by the immensity of route choices offered in terms of progression. "Regarding the victory itself, Volynska admits that “it was very motivating, especially because I was really upset with my result yesterday”, she said, adding that “it was time to take more seriously a test race, pushing hard most of the time and I think this was the right time to do that and I was well succeed”. And she ends with a word to the organization, “the best there is, at the level of large organizations in the Scandinavian countries”, she concludes.


Men Elite class (6.0 km, 26 controls)
1. Oleksandr Kratov (UKR OK Orion) 32:33
2. Valentin Novikov (Russia) 34:20
3. Olav Lundanes (NOR Halden SK) 34:29
4. Tiago Romão (GafanhOri) 35:46
5. Eduardo Gil (ESP Frontela-O) 38:02
6. Artem Panchenko (UKR IFK Mora) 36:06
7. Tiago Martins Aires (GafanhOri) 38:36
8. Manuel Horta (GafanhOri) 39:17
8. Sergei Rjabyshkin (EST Paimion Rasti) 39:17
10. Miguel Reis e Silva (CMo Funchal) 41:45

Women Elite class (4,5 km, 19 controls)
1. Nadiya Volynska (UKR OK Orion) 34:47
2. Olha Panchenko (UKR IFK Mora) 36:28
3. Yulia Novikova (Russia) 37:17
4. Léa Vercellotti (FRA Maximus) 39:54
5. Stepanka Betkova (ADM Ori-Mondego) 45:12
6. Magalie Cordeiro Mendes (COC) 46:12
7. Ekaterina Savkina (RUS ESSU) 46:46
8. Patricia Casalinho (COC) 53:00
9. Andreia Silva (COC) 54:24
10. Elaine Lenz (COC) 59:58

NAOM 2015 overall

Men Elite class
1. Oleksandr Kratov (UKR OK Orion) 1:07:15
2. Olav Lundanes (NOR Halden SK) 1:08:16
3. Valentin Novikov (Russia) 1:09:44
4. Artem Panchenko (UKR IFK Mora) 1:13:25
5. Manuel Horta (GafanhOri) 1:17:40
6. Eduardo Gil (ESP Frontela-O) 1:17:48
7. Sergei Rjabyshkin (EST Paimion Rasti) 1:20:57
8. Tiago Romão (COC) 1:21:27
9. Pedro Nogueira (ADFA) 1:23:58
10. Diogo Miguel (Ori-Estarreja) 1:24:52

Women Elite class
1. Nadiya Volynska (UKR OK Orion) 1:08:59
2. OLha Panchenko (UKR IFK Mora) 1:10:32
3. Yulia Novikova (Russia) 1:18:03
4. Léa Vercellotti (FRA Maximus) 1:18:41
5. Magalie Cordeiro Mendes (COC) 1:29:33
6. Ekaterina Savkina (RUS ESSU) 1:30:19
7. Stepanka Betkova (ADM Ori-Mondego) 1:32:02
8. Patricia Casalinho (COC) 1:36:47
9. Andreia Silva (COC) 1:45:51
10. Catarina Ruivo (COC) 1:54:04

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Joaquim Margarido

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