Saturday, February 14, 2015

POM 2015: Comments

It was a demanding course, both physically and mentally. It was necessary to stay really concentrated during the whole race, because the elements seemed very similar everywhere. Because of that, I did a couple of mistakes around the 13th control and for the 22nd control. I've been training the whole week but I didn't have anything to compare to today's course, so physically I can't say that I ran full speed the whole race but it was nice. For the rest of the Portugal O' Meeting, I didn't point any goals. It's just the beginning of the season, it's just training and regain some competition routines.

Frédéric Tranchand (Paimion-Rasti)

I've been training for a week in Viseu, and it's a little different here, running straight all the time. I took it a bit easier today but I'll try to push myself tomorrow and in the WRE, on monday, which is my biggest goal for POM. But it was a nice run today, with some mistakes to the first control but after that, things went well.

Saila Kinni (Individual FIN)

This first stage was just as I expected, really fast. I know this terrains quite a lot and I was prepared to this, but I also knew that making some mistakes could be crucial. And so it was and that's why I'm not happy with my race but I enjoyed the forest. For the rest of the Portugal O' Meeting, I intend to push myself until the end and we'll see. I'll fight everyday!

Kiril Nikolov (Kalevan Rasti)

For me it was a nice beginning, a clean race, without mistakes, but lower speed. I put some competition speed in the third part of the race only. This year is special because I started training a little bit later than usually, so my shape is not perfect at the moment. The next three days I intend to run at full speed and I'll try to stay without mistakes.

Valentin Novikov (Russia)

The first part of the course was really interesting. It would be necessary to do a good map reading, there were a lot of elements to analyze in a very precise way. After that, however, the race was just running straight forward and it was a little boring. But this is also a challenge, to go straight and to do that until the end. My goals for POM have to do with the map. Today, for example, it was the approach to the controls and I did it very well, losing only five or ten seconds overall. It was okay, I have to be happy, but I really hope something more technical for tomorrow.

Léa Vercellotti (Maximus)

Joaquim Margarido

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  1. You are all very welcome to this small Portuguese village. I hope the weather gets better so you can enjoy our place and your stay.