Friday, February 13, 2015

POM 2015: Two or three things I know about it...

It is already the biggest ever. With 2268 entered athletes, representing 26 countries, the Portugal O' Meeting smash all records in 2015, precisely in the year that it blows 20 candles. From the world's best athletes to the most illustrious unknown, everyone will enjoy, from today and for the next five days, the party that the Clube de Orientação de Estarreja carefully prepared.

The Portugal O 'Meeting 2015's program is divided for 7 courses, spread over five days of competition. With four courses scoring to the event's ranking - three of Long Distance and one of Middle Distance – the program offered also a Mixed Sprint Relay, a night urban Sprint and a Trail Orienteering course.

With 233 athletes registered in the Men Elite, the organization was forced to separate the athletes in Elite and Super Elite classes. Due to some questions from runners regarding the criteria’s for the split of the Men Elite class, as well as the date used as reference for the IOF World Ranking – POM 2015's organization as asked IOF for some clarification regarding this rules. The answer was: “We don’t currently have a rule that would allow protected ranking for injured athletes so the athletes need to be divided into Elite and Super Elite strictly according to World Ranking. According to this, the organization have followed the IOF and POF rules regarding this issues. Follow the LINK to view the list of runners in each class and also their World Ranking position.

Detailed program

  • Friday, 13th feb, Mira. SPORTident Sprint Relay mass start. Start is 14h00 GMT (competition class) and 14h05 GMT (open class). First start for individual courses is 14h30 GMT. The prize giving ceremony will be at 17h00, at Mira-Villas Arena.
  • Saturday, 14th feb, Dunas de Mira. Long Distance Course. First start is 10h00 GMT.
  • Saturday, 14th feb, Praia de Mira. SPORTident Night Sprint. First start is 19h00 GMT. The prize giving ceremony will be at 22h30 GMT, at Praia de Mira Arena.
  • Sunday, 15th feb, Dunas de Mira. Middle Distance Course. First start is 09h00 GMT.
  • Sunday, 15t feb, Dunas de Vagos. Invacare PreO. First start Paralympic class is 12h31 GMT; last start Paralympic class is 13h11 GMT. First start Open class is 12h30 GMT; last start Open class is 15h54 GMT. The prize giving ceremony will be at 18h00 GMT, at PreO Arena.
  • Monday, 16th feb, Dunas de Vagos. O-Portugal Long Distance WRE. First start is 10h00 GMT.
  • Tuesday, 17th feb, Dunas de Vagos. Long Distance Course. Start of Chasing Start in Women Elite class and Men Elite class is 09h30 GMT ; start of Chasing Start in Men Super Elite class is 11h00 GMT. The POM 2015 prize giving ceremony will be at 14h00 GMT at Dunas de Vagos Arena.

To know everything, please consult the Portugal O' Meeting 2015's FINAL BULLETIN.

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