Thursday, February 26, 2015

Two or three things I know about it...

1. The first orienteering competition in Czech Republic (then Czechoslovakia) was held in Zlín, in 1950. The Zlín Cup has been organised ever since, and it is therefore one of the oldest orienteering competitions still regularly staged. To celebrate the 65th anniversary of Czech orienteering competitions, an orienteering history exhibition is being held in Zlín, Czech Republic. Compiled by Jan Žemlík, the man behind the first orienteering museum in the world, the Centre for Orienteering History, the exhibition shows Czech and international orienteering from its beginning to today. It includes orienteering gear, club and region chronicles from the 1950s onwards, medals, prizes, compasses, stamps – anything that has to do with orienteering. And what would an exhibition be without maps? A copy of the map of the first orienteering competition in Norway in 1897 was presented, as well as the original map of the first Czech competition in 1950. This article – from which this is just a part - was written by Anna Jacobsson and it's just one of many presented in the Inside Orienteering's last issue. If you didn't read it yet, please don't lose. Everything to see at

2. “Imagine you are part of a gigantic mass start, together with your club mates, friends and runners from across the world. Your fear of the dark vanishes when the race starts and the pack of runners sprints towards the forest. Thousands of flickering headlamps set fire to the forest. The heroes of orienteering are conquering a spectacular Norwegian wood. It is dark and it is magic”. It's in this way that “Night Hawk” is presented, trying to be the answer from Norway Orienteering to the Swedish “Tiomila” and the Finnish “Jukola” in having a big international night relay. “We want the athletes, clubs, regions and federation create an international relay adventure on Norwegian ground. This will be an arrangement and an experience that will form basis for the next generation’s orienteering”, says Anders Tiltnes, the man behind the “Night Hawk”. Formerly known as “Krokskogstafetten”, the “Night Hawk” was a huge relay in the 1970's in Oslo region. Everyone in Norway participated, and only the toughest Swedes has finished it. The Finns only heard the rumours of it. Gathering youth, women and men to a prestigious experience in a challenging and fun terrain, “Night Hawk” 's third edition will be held in Asker, the 14t and 15th August. “Our dream is to continue the work started by our ancestors and create orienteering for the next generation. Don’t be mediocre. Become a Night Hawk.” To know more about the event, please visit the webpage at

3. Ending an international cycle of four events in a row, with stages scoring for the IOF World Rankings, the Peneda-Geres National Park held the Minho Orienteering Trophy 2015 - WRE. Organized by .COM – Clube de Orientação do Minho, with the support of the Municipalities of Terras do Bouro and Vieira do Minho, Portuguese Orienteering Federation and International Orienteering Federation, the event had the participation of nearly six hundred athletes from 16 nations. In the Men Elite class, Luis Silva (ADFA) was the big winner of the Middle Distance stage on the first day, while the victory in the second stage, a long Long Distance, belonged to Sergej Fedatsenka (SAIK). Despite having not tasted the victory in any of the stages, Tiago Martins Aires turned out to be the winner thanks to his 3rd place in the opening stage and a 2nd place closing his participation. Fedatsenka would become the second placed while the third position would be for the Brazilian Fabio Kuczkoski (ADAAN). Great name of the Portuguese Mountain Bike Orienteering, João Ferreira (CAB) would become the second best Portuguese, finishing in 5th place overall. In the Women Elite class, the Finnish Saila Kinni was unstoppable, winning both stages by overwhelming margins. Her compatriot, Yvonne Gunell, finished second overall, followed by the Belarusian Anastasia Denisova. Taking the 5th position overall, Raquel Costa was the best Portuguese. All information and full results at

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