Thursday, February 12, 2015

WSOC 2015: Historic gold to Lars Moholdt

Playing home, Norway made the party on the third day of the World Ski Orienteering Championships WSOC 2015, thanks to the victory of Lars Moholdt in what is the gold medal No. 1000 in history of Norwegian orienteering. In the women, the blue and yellow of Sweden stood out - for good and less good reasons (!) -, with Josefine Engstrom getting the gold.

His name is Lars Moholdt and he is the hero of the day in Norway, where the World Ski Orienteering Championships WSOC 2015 are being held. In a very demanding Long Distance, with 28 controls and 20.8 km, the Norwegian knew to counteract the favouritism of big names such as Andrey Lamov, Erik Rost or Peter Arnesson, registering at the finish the time of 1:31:20 and winning the first individual title of his career in the World Championships. But this victory has another historical nature, being the gold medal No. 1000 in Orienteering's history of that Scandinavian country since the records began, ie, since 1870. With his name engraved in gold in the first two stages of the WSOC 2015, the Russian Andrey Lamov took this time the silver medal, finishing 52 seconds after the winner. In third place, with a time of 1:33:12, stayed the Finnish Staffan Tunis. The current European Champion of Long Distance, the Swedish Erik Rost, was not beyond the 9th place, with 3:43 more than Moholdt.

In the Women Elite class, the Swedish Tove Alexandersson was the fastest, but she couldn't translate into gold her superiority over the other competitors, being disqualified for skiing in error through an out-of-bounds area. The victory turned out to smile to another Swedish athlete, Josefine Engstrom, who has finnished his course of 14.1 km and 18 controls with a time of 1:12:00, winning the title that missed in her personal board. Mira Kaskinen, Finland, spent more 36 seconds and concludes in the second place, while the Russian Kseniya Tretyakova was third, at 2:04 to the winner. Gold medal in the Long Distance final, in the European Championships at Lenzerheide, the Russian Tatyana Oborina ended his course in the 5th place, with more 2:36 than Engstrom.

In the Junior World Championship JWSOC 2015, it was also disputed the Long Distance final, with the Finnish Aleksi Karpinen to beat the winner of yesterday's Sprint course, the Russian Vladislav Kiselev, and to get the gold in the Men class. In the Women class, the Swedish Isabel Salen finished in the first position. Also took place this morning the Long Distance final of the European Youth Championships EYSOC 2015 with victories of the Swedish Henning Sjökvist and the Finnish Liisa Nenonen. Sjökvist took his second gold in a row after yesterday's victory, beating this time the Finn Tommi Härkönen by the margin of a single second. As for Nenonen, she had the merit to beat a real “Russian army”, with five athletes in the first eight places, especially Alexandra Rusakova, ranked 2nd.


Men Elite class
1. Lars Moholdt (Norway) 1:31:20
2. Andrey Lamov (Russia) 1:32:12 (+ 00:52)
3. Staffan Tunis (Finland) 1:33:12 (+ 01:52)
4. Peter Arnesson (Sweden) 1:33:20 (+ 02:00)
5. Andreas Holmberg (Sweden) 1:33:24 (+ 02:04)
6. Eduard Khrennikov (Russia) 1:33:30 (+ 02:10)

Women Elite class
1. Josefine Engström (Sweden) 1:12:00
2. Mira Kaskinen (Finland) 1:12:36 (+ 00:36)
3. Kseniya Tretyakova (Russia) 1:14:04 (+ 02:04)
4. Iuliia Tarasenko (Russia) 1:14:16 (+ 02:16)
5. Tatyana Oborina (Russia) 1:14:36 (+ 02:36)
6. Frida Sandberg (Sweden) 1:14:40 (+ 02:40)

[Photo: Thomas Winje Øijord /]

Joaquim Margarido

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