Tuesday, February 10, 2015

WSOC 2015: Russia wins the Sprint Mixed Relay

Andrey Lamov and Iuliia Tarasenko were the big winners of the Mixed Sprint Relay, offering to Russia the first great achievement of the World Ski Orienteering Championships WSOC 2015 that started today at Budor, Norway.

Nineteen years later, the World Ski Orienteering Championships returned to Norway for its 21st edition. Hamar and Løten hold, until next Sunday, the World's most important competition in this discipline, welcoming 121 athletes from 23 countries. At the same time, take place the Junior World Ski Orienteering Championships JWSOC 2015 and the European Youth Ski Orienteering Championships EYSOC 2015 in which compete 167 athletes, representing 18 countries.

The Sprint Mixed Relay marked the start of the Championships, seeing Russia recover the world title four years later. With a clean race, Andrey Lamov and Iullia Tarasenko avenged their discouraging fifth place in the recent European Championships, reaching the victory with a time of 48:51,9. In the second place, with over 45,1 seconds, stayed Finland (Staffan Tunis may have break the “curse” of the European Champs, where he earned four fouth positions), while Sweden, European and World champion in title, took the third place with a time of 50:25,7.


1. Russia (Andrey Lamov and Iuliia Tarasenko) 48:51,9
2. Finland (Staffan Tunis and Mira Kaskinen) 49:37,0 (+ 00:45,1)
3. Sweden (Erik Rost and Josefine Engström) 50:25,7 (+ 01:33,8)
4. Kazakhstan (Mikhail Sorokin and Olga Novikova) 51:32,9 (+ 02:41,0)
5. Norway (Hans Jørgen Kvale and Audhild Bakken Rognstad) 51:48,0 (+ 02:56,1)
6. Czech Republic (Skoda Jakub and Hana Hancikova) 52:18,3 (+ 03:26,4)

The World Championships WSOC 2015 will continue tomorrow with the final of Sprint. Also tomorrow, we'll have the kick off of the Junior World Championships and European Youth Championships, also with the dispute of the Sprint titles. Everything to know at http://www.orientering.no/ski-o-vm2015/.

[Photo: Gro Ellegaard / plus.google.com]

Joaquim Margarido

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