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Trophy Costa Cálida: Andersson and Kinni win at Murcia

David Andersson and Saila Kinni were the winners of the 27th International Orienteering Trophy Costa Calida, set of three stages held in Calasparra over the weekend. Third event scoring for the Spanish Foot Orienteering League, the Costa Calida Trophy was attended by nearly 1200 participants from 12 countries.

World-renowned for its rice of extraordinary quality, the municipality of Calasparra, northwest of Murcia, hosted over this weekend the 27th edition of the International Orienteering Trophy Costa Calida. Third event of the Spanish Foot Orienteering League 2015, the trophy offered a Long Distance stage, a Middle Distance stage and also a Sprint stage, this one scoring for the IOF World Sprint Ranking.

The Swedish David Andersson (Malungs OK) and the Finnish Saila Kinni (Team Finland) started on the right foot, winning the opening stage of Long Distance. Saila Kinni was unstoppable and “crashed” the concurrence, leaving her compatriot Marjo Liikanen (Rajamäen Rykmetti), second placed, at more than seven minutes of difference. In the Men Elite class, Andersson had not so easy task, beating the Estonian Timo Sild (KooVee) and the Swedish William Lind (Malungs OK), respectively second and third placed, by 15 seconds and 57 seconds of difference. On the last day, the Finnish Minna Kauppi (Team Finland) and the French Frédéric Tranchand (Paimion Rasti), got the victories in the Middle Distance stage, but without changing the final order with respect to the winners of the Trophy, David Andersson and Saila Kinni. One last word for the safe triumphs of the Norwegian Kine Hallan Steiwer (Halden SK) and the Spanish Antonio Martínez Pérez (Colivenc) in the Sprint WRE stage.

Final results

Men Elite class
1. David Andersson (Malungs OK) 2:05:46
2. Frédéric Tranchand (Paimion Rasti) 2:06:19 (+ 00:33)
3. Antonio Martínez Pérez (Colivenc) 2:06:54 (+ 01:08)
4. William Lind (Malungs OK) 2:06:57 (+ 01:11)
5. Timo Sild (KooVee) 2:07:56 (+ 02:10)
6. Marten Boström (Team Finland) 2:08:08 (+ 02:22)
7. Aleksi Anttolainen (Team Finland) 2:13:46 (+ 08:00)
8. Roger Casal Fernández (Colivenc) 2:14:03 (+ 08:17)
9. Mikko Sirén (Team Finland) 2:15:03 (+ 09:17)
10. Miika Kirmula (Team Finland) 2:16:44 (+ 10:58)

Women Elite class
1. Saila Kinni (Team Finland) 1:50:48
2. Saara Norrgrann (Paimion Rasti) 1:59:44 (+ 08:56)
3. Sari Anttonen (Team Finland) 2:00:24 (+ 09:36)
4. Marjo Liikanen (Rajamäen Rykmenti) 2:00:31 (+ 09:43)
5. Venla Niemi (Tem Finland) 2:02:31 (+ 11:43)
6. Léa Vercellotti (Maximus Madrid) 2:02:55 (+ 12:07)
7. Jannina Gustafsson (Team Finland) 2:03:12 (+ 12:24)
8. Outi Ojanen (Kangasala SK) 2:03:50 (+ 13:02)
9. Sanni Kïvela (Team Finland) 2:06:33 (+ 15:45)
10. Anna Närhi (Team Finland) 2:06:44 (+ 15:56)

Full results and further information at

Joaquim Margarido

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