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FinTrailO 2015: Victory of Marit Wiksell at Espoo

Antti Rusanen and Martin Jullum shared the triumphs in the two stages of the Unofficial European Cup in TrailO 2015's opening round. Overall, however, the victory in the FinTrailO 2015 smiled to Marit Wiksell.

The surroundings of the Finnish city of Espoo have witnessed, during the weekend, the FinTrailO 2015, a TrailO event that marked the start of the Unofficial European Cup in TrailO 2015. Distributing up by three stages – two of PreO and one of TempO -, the FinTrailO 2015 attracted the attention of 118 athletes from 9 countries, 106 of which competing in the Elite class.

Directed by Anna Jacobson and having in Åke Jacobson and Marko Määttälä the course setters, the competition got its start on Saturday morning with the dispute of the 1st stage of PreO. With just a wrong answer in all the 24 controls, the Swedish Marit Wiksell and the Czech Tomáš Leštínský were the most accurate, with Marit taking the advantage for being faster in the answers at the timed controls. A not comfortable advantage, however, facing the pursuers at one single point and that included the Swedish Martin Fredholm, Rolf Karlsson and Erik Stålnacke, the Finnish Pinja Mäkinen and the Norwegian Sigurd Dæhli.

The TempO stage that filled the afternoon program clarified some accounts, complicating others. TempO European Champion currently, the Finnish Antti Rusanen was the big winner with a total of 359 seconds in the answers to 32 timed controls, in 8 stations. Marit Wiksell occupied the immediate position with 374 seconds, followed by the TempO World Champion, the Norwegian Martin Jullum with 378 seconds and by the TempO World Champion in 2013, Pinja Mäkinen. The “usual suspects”, so, all of them credited with 25 points, according to a specific formula allowing to relate the TempO and PreO competitions. Marit Wiksell was now alone in the leadership, with Pinja Mäkinen at one single point and Antti Rusanen, Erik Stålnacke and Tomáš Leštínský at two.

Marit Wiksell, get it overall

The last day of the program has been completed by the PreO's second stage. Organized in an extremely detailed forest terrain with lots of boulders and cliffs, the course provided 32 controls for a time limit of 114 minutes (Open class), with 101 (!) flags distributed over a distance of 600 meters in a map scale of 1: 3000. Winner of the European Cup's last edition, the Norwegian Martin Jullum shown his “nerves of steel” and was the big winner, with a near perfect course (in fact, he missed one timed control). With 31 points they were classified the Finnish Miia Turto and Antti Rusanen and the Swedish Ola Jansson. Marit Wiksell stayed two points ahead Martin Jullum, ending this stage in the 6th position.

It was thus found the winner of the FinTrailO 2015, with Marit Wiksell accounting 78 points in the end, against 77 points of Antti Rusanen and 76 points of Pinja Mäkinen. In the top 20 of the overall standings, Tomáš Leštínský was the only one who broke the nordic overpower, finishing in the 6th place with 74 points. Current European and World Champion in the Paralympic class, the Swedish Michael Johansson concluded on the 35th place, just one place ahead the Czech Jana Kostova, World Champion in Paralympic class in 2013.

Results FinTrailO 2015

1. Marit Wiksell (Sweden) 78 points / 98 seconds
2. Antti Rusanen (Finland) 77 points / 86 seconds
3. Pinja Mäkinen (Finland) 76 points / 55 seconds
4. Martin Jullum (Norway) 76 points / 223 seconds
5. Sigurd Dæhli (Norway) 74 points / 132 seconds
6. Tomáš Leštínský (Czech Republic) 74 points / 207 seconds
7. Jari Turto (Finland) 73 points / 47 seconds
8. Miia Turto (Finland) 73 points / 90 seconds
9. Lauri Mäkinen (Finland) 73 points / 99 seconds
10. Lennart Wahlgren (Sweden) 73 points / 132 seconds

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