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JWOC 2015: Gold for Tim Robertson and Simona Aebersold

Tim Robertson and Simona Aebersold are the Junior World Champions in Sprint 2015. In the course that took place this morning in Åmot, the Portuguese performed modestly, with Carolina Delgado to achieve the best position in the 82nd place.

Opened today in Norway the 26th edition of the Junior World Orienteering Championships JWOC 2015. The small town of Åmot received the Sprint course, attended by 154 male athletes and 135 female. In the men's class, the New Zealander Tim Robertson was the fastest, running the 3810 meters of his course in 14:31 and getting his second world Sprint title in a row. With more three seconds, ranked the Finn Aleksi Niemi, while the Lithuanian Algirdas Bartkevicius, with more 26 seconds, won the bronze medal. Switzerland and France deserve a reference by placing two athletes each in the top 10, while Norway had in Andreas Soelberg its best athlete in the 11th place. The two Portuguese athletes in the competition had modest performances, with Daniel Catarino to be the 116th ranked and André Esteves the takedown by the 129th position.

“It was a really tough race, it was very hot and I had to push hard to get the gold this year”, said Tim Robertson at the end of his course, adding: “The course was fun, really challenging and I enjoyed it.” Looking to his performance, Robertson says: “I thought I had some route choice errors in the beginning and I pushed really hard after those, trying to make up some time and I think that's why I had a good time through the run. After that I was really tired and there was some short climbs and I had to walk some of those... I was really tired!”. And a last word about the next days and a chance of getting another medal:" I'm looking for a good result in the Long Distance but, yeah... we'll wait and see.”

In the women's race, the biggest favourite, the Swedish Sara Hagstrom, would be disqualified, with the victory going to the Swiss Simona Aebersold with a time of 13:56 for 3210 meters of her course. Silver medalist in 2014, the Norwegian Heidi Martensson repeated her result, concluding with ten seconds more than Aebersold. Third place, at distant 34 seconds of the winner, placed the Finnish Karoliina Ukskoski. Only four countries signed its names in the top 10 of women's rankings, with Finland and Switzerland, with four and three athletes, respectively, to demonstrate a huge superiority. Here too Portugal was below the expectations, with the Portuguese Sprint Champion, Carolina Delgado, not to go beyond the 82nd place and Joana Fernandes occupying the 83rd position, 5 seconds behind her team mate.


1. Tim Robertson (New Zealand) 14:31
2. Aleksi Niemi (Finland) 14:34 (+ 00:03)
3. Algirdas Bartkevicius (Lithuania) 14:57 (+ 00:26)
4. Thomas Curiger (Switzerland) 15:04 (+ 00:33)
4. Tobia Pezzati (Switzerland) 15:04 (+ 00:33)
6. Topi Raitanen (Finland) 15:06 (+ 00:35)
7. Aidan Smith (Great Britain) 15:08 (+ 0:37)
8. Arnaud Perrin (France) 15:14 (+ 00:43)
9. Simon Hector (Sweden) 15:19 (+ 00:48)
10. Quentin Rauturier (France) 15:23 (+ 00:52)
116. Daniel Catarino (Portugal) 18:43 (+ 04:12)
129. André Esteves (Portugal) 19:37 (+ 05:06)

1. Simona Aebersold (Switzerland) 13:56
2. Heidi Martensson (Norway) 14:06 (+ 00:10)
3. Karoliina Ukskoski (Finland) 14:30 (+ 00:34)
4. Sigrid Alexandersen (Norway) 14:38 (+ 00:42)
5. Anna Haataja (Finland) 14:43 (+ 00:47)
6. Emmi Jokela (Finland) 15:01 (+ 01:05)
7. Paula Gross (Switzerland) 15:08 (+ 01:12)
8. Noora Koskinen (Finland) 15:10 (+ 01:14)
9. Sofie Bachmann (Switzerland) 15:12 (01:16 +)
9. Emma Bjessmo (Sweden) 15:12 (+ 01:16)
82. Carolina Delgado (Portugal) 18:15 (+ 04:19)
83. Joana Fernandes (Portugal) 18:20 (+ 04:24)

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