Friday, August 28, 2015

Two or three things I know about it...

1. Regularity and consistency were the successful ingredients adopted by the Russian Anton Foliforov and the British Emily Benham towards the victory in the MTB Orienteering World Cup 2015. Virtual winners at the entrance for the last stage held in Liberec, during the World Championships, both athletes managed to renew the titles achieved in 2014. Anton Foliforov triumphed with 290 points, corresponding to four wins and one second place. The two other major starts of the season, the Finnish Jussi Laurila and the Italian Luca Dallavalle, finished in the immediate positions, at 44 and 68 points, respectively, to the winner. With 60 points, Davide Machado was the best Portuguese, finishing in the 32nd place. Three wins, one second place and one third place offered to Emily Benham a total of 275 points and the victory in the Women's World Cup with a five-point lead on the great revelation of the season, the Czech Martina Tichovska. The French Gaëlle Barlet finished in the third position with 246 points. See the final standings at

2. The Finnish TrailO Championships took place last weekend. With maps and courses designed by Lauri Kontkanen and supervised by Antti Rusanen, the competition attracted to Selsien Siku about sixty athletes fighting for the TempO and PreO national titles 2015. The first day was dedicated to the competition of TempO, with Risto Vainio being the winner with 515 seconds. Faster than the winner but less accurate, Martti Inkinen was the second placed, with 28 seconds more than Vainio. With an incredible average time of 5,77 sec/point, Jari Turto was the fastest of all, but the 11 wrong answers in the 44 challenges of the course dictated the final third position, with a total of 584 seconds. By winning the PreO competition, Jari Turto was again in first plan on the second day. In a hard fought course - the first four finished with the same number of points, serving as a tie-breaking factor the time spent in the timed controls - Turto only failed the last of 44 controls, with the 14 seconds spent in the timed controls giving to him the national title, beating Jani Leppäniemi by one single second. Ari Tertsunen finished in the third position with 23 seconds in the timed controls. Complete results and further information at

3. On the weekend of 15th and 16th August, the Unofficial European Cup in TrailO 2015 had in Bollnäs, Sweden, its fourth round. With courses designed by Lennart Wahlgren, the stages made on both days offered an exciting challenge for the 49 participants from 6 different nations that attended the "deep forests" of Hälsingland county. On the first day, were four the athletes who finished tied in the top of the table with 19 points from 20 possible. Thanks to a fantastic performance in the timed controls, the Norwegian Lars Jakob Waaler imposed to the Swedish Ola Jansson, second placed, and to the Finnish Ari Tertsunen and the Swedish Robert Jakobsson, ranked third and fourth respectively. The second stage saw the Norwegian Sigurd Dæhli share with the Swedish Erik Stålnacke the first place, both with 22 points of 23 possible and 16 seconds spent in the timed controls. The Finnish Ari Tertsunen repeated the third place with one point less than the winner, despite being the fastest in the timed controls, with 9 seconds only. At one round for the end of the Unofficial European Cup in TrailO 2015, Martin Jullum continues in the lead of the overall standings, but the weak performances in the fourth round put in question the revalidation of the title by the Norwegian, allowing his most direct opponents shorten distances and stand themselves also well placed to reach the final victory. Jullum has currently 159 points, 8 points more than the Latvian Janis Rukšans and 25 points more than the Norwegian Lars Jakob Waaler. The Swedish Marit Wiksell was also below the expectations on this round and get down one place in the table, being now the 4th ranked with 131 points.
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 With a total of 3520 points, the Finnish team of Kuntokeskus Huippu, with Petteri Muukkonen and Hannu-Pekka Pukema, won the Rogaine world title 2015. Held for the first time above the Arctic Circle, at the stunning landscapes of the Urho Kekkonen National Park, in the Finnish region of Saariselkä, the 13th edition of the World Rogaine Championships WRC 2015 was contested by 374 teams from 21 countries. In the second position, with 30 points less than the winners, were classified the team of Estonian ACE Adventure Team (Silver Eensaar and Rain Eensaar), while the third place fell to another Estonian team, Salomon, consisting of Timmo Tammemäe and Rait Pallo. The victory in the women senior class fell to the Russian Ann Shavlakova and Natalya Abramova, of Squirrels team, while the Russian Konstantin Ivanov and Natalia Zimina, from Blondie / KAT team, won the mixed senior class. A prominent note to the Spanish team of Fuby Sport, with Albert Herrero and Jaume Folguera, who finished in the 9th place with 570 points less than the winners. For more information and complete results, please check the WRC 2015 webpage

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