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WMTBOC 2015: Another gold to Anton Foliforov and Martina Tichovska

About to come to an end, the World MTB Orienteering Championships 2015 saw the last individual competition of the program being held today. Anton Foliforov and Martina Tichovska were the big winners of the Long Distance final, fairly achieving the titles of “king” and “queen” of the World Championships. Oskar Sandberg and Darya Mikryukova won the gold at the Junior World Championships.

The third and penultimate day of the competitive program of the World MTB Orienteering Championships 2015 was dedicated to the Long Distance, acclaiming the last individual World Champions of the season. Extending to a wide area of the district towns of Liberec and Jablonec nad Nisou, in the Czech Republic, the courses presented very high levels of physical demand and technical challenge, in a particularly uneven area with a dense network of paths. In the men's race, the Russian Anton Foliforov renewed the title of World Champion, by completing his course in 1:42:11. Foliforov finish in the best way a season full of success, joining to this world title of Long Distance won today, the world title of Middle Distance reached last Tuesday last and still the European titles of Middle Distance and Long Distance brought from Idanha-a -Nova, Portugal, last June. Corollary of that which is his best season ever, the athlete reinforced his leadership in the IOF World Ranking, while he won the MTB Orienteering World Cup 2015. The fight for the second place was exciting, with the Finnish Jussi Laurila to be the strongest, finishing at 1:30 from Foliforov. In the third place stayed another of the great revelations of the Championships, the Italian Luca Dallavalle, who spent more six seconds than Laurila. Davide Machado was, once again, the best Portuguese in the competition, achieving a creditable 16th place, 10:12 behind the winner.

In the women's race, the Czech Martina Tichovska was a much acclaimed winner, completing her course with the time of 1:31:07 and beating a strong concurrence. After the second place in the Middle Distance and the gold achieved in the Sprint, Tichovska closes in the best way her participate in the Championships where, “playing home”, she was able to give enormous joy to the many fans that are following closely the competition. For the second consecutive year, the Russian Svetlana Poverina reached the silver medal in the Long Distance, ending her course with more 1:06 than the winner. The Swedish Cecilia Thomasson completed her course in 1:34:04 and was the third ranked, thus repeating the bronze achieved in the final of Sprint last Wednesday. The best Portuguese athlete in competition was Susana Pontes, finishing with a time of 2:21:11 to which correspond the 44th place.

The last reference goes to the Junior World Championships, which saw also assign the titles of Long Distance. Succeeding to the Austrian Andreas Waldmann, the Swedish Oskar Sandberg won the World title by completing his course in 1:26:48. It's him, unavoidably, the brightest star of these Junior World Championships 2015, having reached the gold in the Middle Distance course that opened the Championships and was bronze medallist in the final of Sprint. The Czech Vaclav Snuparek was - as happened in the European Championships - the second placed, at 56 seconds to the Swedish, while the third place fell to Frenchman Antoine Vercauteren, with more 1:25 than the winner. In the women's class, the Russian Darya Mikryukova finally reached the gold after the third places achieved in the previous finals. European Champion in this distance but in the W17 class (!), the very young Russian gave a lesson to the strong concurrence, winning with a time of 1:26:22. The French Lou Denaix completed her race in 1:32:20, earning her third silver medal in a row. In the third place stayed the Swedish Elvira Larsson, a few three seconds more than Denaix. A curious note just for the fact that Darya Mikryukova have established today a new record, fixing in 5:58 the biggest difference of times ever between the winner and the runner-up in eight editions of women's Junior World Championships.


1. Anton Foliforov (Russia) 1:42:11 (+ 00:00)
2. Jussi Laurila (Finland) 1:43:41 (+ 01:30)
3. Luca Dallavalle (Italy) 1:43:47 (+ 01:36)
4. Samuli Saarela (Finland) 1:44:16 (+ 02:05)
5. Jiri Hradil (Czech Republic) 1:46:10 (+ 03:59)
6. Marek Pospisek (Czech Republic) 1:46:37 (+ 04:26)
16. Davide Machado (Portugal) 1:52:23 (+ 10:12)
34. Daniel Marques (Portugal) 2:02:05 (+ 19:54)
45. Carlos Simões (Portugal) 2:10:21 (+ 28:10)

1. Martina Tichovska (Czech Republic) 1:31:07 (+ 00:00)
2. Svetlana Poverina (Russia) 1:32:13 (+ 01:06)
3. Cecilia Thomasson (Sweden) 1:34:04 (+ 02:57)
4. Gaëlle Barlet (France) 1:37:06 (+ 05:59)
4. Emily Benham (Britain) 1:37:06 (+ 05:59)
6. Camilla Soegaard (Denmark) 1:37:18 (+ 06:11)
44. Susana Pontes (Portugal) 2:21:11 (+ 50:04)
49. Ana Filipa Silva (Portugal) 2:30:30 (+ 59:23)
51. Tânia Covas Costa (Portugal) 2:39:42 (+ 1:08:35)

1. Oskar Sandberg (Sweden) 1:26:48 (+ 00:00)
2. Vaclav Snuparek (Czech Republic) 1:22:44 (+ 00:56)
3. Antoine Vercauteren (France) 1:28:13 (+ 01:25)
4. Alexander Kulgaviy (Russia) 1:28:51 (+ 02:03)
5. Sauli Pietikäinen (Finland) 1:29:30 (+ 02:42)
6. Florian Pinsard (France) 1:30:27 (+ 03:39)
38. Paul Roothans (Portugal) 1:55:57 (+ 29:09)
43. Duarte Lourenço (Portugal) 2:03:53 (+ 37:05)
45. Diogo Barradas (Portugal) 2:05:09 (+ 38:21)
48. André Ramalho (Portugal) 2:12:04 (+ 45:16)
Afonso Barreiros (Portugal) mp

1. Darya Mikryukova (Russia) 1:26:22 (+ 00:00)
2. Lou Denaix (France) 1:32:20 (+ 05:58)
3. Elvira Larsson (Sweden) 1:32:23 (+ 06:01)
4. Sandrine Muller (Switzerland) 1:34:55 (+ 08:33)
5. Doris Kudre (Estonia) 1:37:04 (+ 10:42)
5. Anna Semenova (Russia) 1:38:37 (+ 12:15)

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