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WMTBOC 2015: Golden Relay to Austria and Finland

The big surprise was saved for the last day of the World MTB Orienteering Championships 2015. With a performance absolutely brilliant, Austria won the world title in men's Relay, in what was the most contested final ever. In the women's sector the victory went to Finland, while in the Junior World Championships,  France was the winner in both categories.

Giving to the World MTB Orienteering Championships 2015 the great note of sensation, Austria was the winner of the men's Relay, which took place this morning. The Czech Republic started stronger, through Frantisek Bogar, facing the hard opposition of Russian, Finnish, Austrian and... Portuguese. Indeed, Davide Machado had a brilliant performance in the first leg, throughout the testimony to Daniel Marques in the second position, just a few 36 seconds to the leadership. In the group of five, only Marques sank in the second leg, so the decisive leg offered the prospect of an intense battle for the gold medal between Finns, Czechs and Russians, with Austria being the great outsider in this exciting Relay. Portugal occupied the sixth position then, with a lead of 3:59 over Estonia, current World Champion and now ranked seventh.

But it was precisely Austria to give the note of sensation and quoting itself as the great surprise of the Championships. Andreas Waldmann - now in his first season within the elite, after being consecrated World Champion Junior of Long Distance in 2014 - knew endure the pressure of having behind him names such as the Czech Vojtech Stransky, the Finnish Jussi Laurila and the Russian Anton Foliforov, performing the last leg always on the edge and concluding with a more than welcomed victory in 2:32:15, against 2:32:23 and 2:32:26 over Russia and Finland, respectively. Only eleven seconds separated the top three, in which becomes the most disputed Relay ever in thirteen editions of the World Championships, gave to Austria a tasty and particularly deserved title. Portugal finished in the 7th place, with more 15:38 than Austria, thus achieving its best result ever in the Relay in the World Championships.

Finland recovers female world title

In the women's sector, Sweden played its biggest trump card in the first leg, with Cecilia Thomasson to be the fastest among the 19 athletes who lined up at the start. However, Sanna Wallenborg was quickly overcome by her more direct opponents, with Russia and the Czech Republic to erase the disadvantage of nearly one minute they had. To the Russian Anastasiya Bolshova and the Czech Marie Brezinova joined the Finnish Marika Hara, winning almost three minutes over her opponents and giving to Susanna Laurila the leadershio at the start for the decisive let. Big names of the Long Distance course, when they raised the top two positions, the Czech Martina Tichovska and the Russian Svetlana Poverina were not able, in the leat leg, to neutralize the difference to the Finnish, sharing than the discussion of the silver medal, with Poverina to bringing the best after a vigorous sprint. In the end, victory for Finland in 2:08:19, which thus recovers the title that escaped in 2014, precisely to Russia.

The Junior World MTB Orienteering Championship JWMTBOC 2015 had in the French teams a common denominator regarding to the winner in male and female categories. France won by comfortable margins in both cases on Russia, with Finland in male and female in Sweden to occupy the third place of the respective tables. Hard fought earlier, the men's race had in the French Samson Deriaz the big name, to move away significantly from the concurrence in the second leg, opening the victory to Florian Pinsard, also with a great performance. In the women class, the second leg of Constance Devillers was also decisive, but Lou Denaix, with a blazing start, also was important in the victory of the French, that Lou Garcin could confirm.


1. Austria (Kevin Haselsberger, Bernhard Schachinger, Andreas Waldmann) 2:32:15 (+ 00:00)
2. Russia (Ruslan Gritsan, Valerii Glukhov, Anton Foliforov) 2:32:23 (+ 00:08)
3. Finland (Pekka Niemi, Samuli Saarela, Jussi Laurila) 2:32:26 (+ 00:11)
4. Czech Republic (Frantisek Bogar, Marek Pospisek, Vojtech Stransky) 2:35:06 (+ 02:51)
5. France (Yoann Garde, Clement Souvray, Baptiste Fuchs) 2:35:58 (+ 03:43)
6. Estonia (Tõnis Erm, Margus Hallik, Lauri Malsroos) 2:42:00 (+ 09:45)
7. Portugal (Davide Machado, Daniel Marques, Carlos Simões) 1:47:53 (+ 15:38)

1. Finland (Ingrid Stengard, Marika Hara, Susanna Laurila) 2:08:19 (+ 00:00)
2. Russia (Tatiana Repina, Anastasiya Bolshova, Svetlana Poverina) 2:09:45 (+ 01:26)
3. Czech Republic (Renata Paulickova, Marie Brezinova, Martina Tichovska) 2:09:51 (+ 01:32)
4. France (Nicole Hueber, Hana Garde, Gaëlle Barlet) 2:15:17 (+ 06:58)
5. Denmark (Nina Hoffman, Caecilie Christoffersen, Camilla Soegaard) 2:20:48 (+ 12:29)
6. Lithuania (Asta Simkoniene, Ramune Arlauskiene, Algirda Zaliauskaite) 2:24:23 (+ 16:04)
14. Portugal (Susana Pontes, Ana Filipa Silva, Tânia Costa Covas) 2:58:20 (+ 50:01)

1. France (Antoine Vercauteren, Samson Deriaz, Florian Pinsard) 2:33:38 (+ 00:00)
2. Russia (Leonid Tsvetkov, Alexander Kulgaviy, Vyacheslav Chernykh) 2:36:16 (+ 02:38)
3. Finland (Sakari Puolakanaho, Miska Tervala, Sauli Pietikainen) 2:36:50 (+ 03:12)
4. Czech Republic (Vaclav Snuparek, Matyas Ludvik, Michael Nemet) 2:41:48 (+ 08:10)
5. Slovakia (Matej Muller, Teodor Takac, Andrej Cully) 2:48:10 (+ 14:32)
6. Sweden (Filip Bergstrom, Oskar Sandberg, Pontus Kullin) 2:50:26 (+ 16:48)
Portugal (Paul Roothans, Duarte Lourenço, Diogo Barradas) mp

1. France (Lou Denaix, Constance Devillers, Lou Garcin) 2:31:46 (+ 00:00)
2. Russia (Olga Mikhaylova, Alena Fedoseeva, Darya Mikryukova) 2:32:38 (+ 00:52)
3. Sweden (Rebecka Hylander, Elvira Larsson, Kajsa Engstrom) 2:39:29 (+ 07:04)
4. Finland (Jutta Nurminen, Helena Hakala, Essi Hakala) 2:41:09 (+ 09:23)
5. Czech Republic (Andrea Kamenikova, Barbora Kohoutova, Veronika Kubinova) 2:48:21 (+ 16:35)
6. Austria (Lea Hnilica, Julia Ritter, Antonella Fantoni) 2:53:38 (+ 21:52)

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