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WOC 2015: Gold for Denmark in the Sprint Mixed Relay

By winning the world title in Mixed Sprint Relay, Denmark is the first big name of the World Orienteering Championships WOC 2015. Norway and Russia occupied by this order the remaining places on the podium, while Portugal finished in the 21st place in the set of 32 participating countries.

A year after the second position in the Mixed Sprint Relay of the World Orienteering Championships held in Italy, Denmark avenged the defeat against Switzerland, being the winner of the 2015 edition which took place this afternoon at Nairn, Scotland. Performing with the same team of the last year - Emma Klingenberg, Tue Lassen, Søren Bobach and Maja Alm - the Danish imposed to the tough concurrence, completing the four legs in 1:00:54. The key to the victory will have been the outstanding performances of Emma Klingenberg and Maja Alm, winning their legs and headed to victory in a clear way.

As in 2014, Denmark had in Switzerland the biggest opponent. Emma Klingenberg started brilliantly into the course, winning precious 48 seconds to Rahel Friederich, then the third ranked. Between the two athletes, in the second place, highlighting the Italian Lia Patscheider, making an absolutely amazing race. Great pretender to the title, Sweden occupied the 11th position, with Lilian Forsgren to spend more 01:08 than Emma Klingenberg. Although shy, the reaction of Switzerland began to operate in the second leg, with Martin Hubmann to shorten the distance to 32 seconds that separated him from Tue Lassen. Really impressive in this leg were the performances of Jonas Vytautas Gvildys (Lithuania), Jerker Lysell (Sweden) and especially Frédéric Tranchand (France), with the best partial. Five "roosters" for three "perches" such were the prospects with half the course completed.

With the Danish Søren Bobach, the Swiss Matthias Kyburz and the Swedish Jonas Leandersson in the field, the third leg was guessed-spectacular. And so it was, indeed. With the French Lucas Basset in their footsteps, Leandersson and Kyburz won to the Danish second after second, with the differences in the end being of just one second in the case of Switzerland, 18 seconds in the case of Sweden and 27 seconds in the case of France. All open for the decisive leg, with the Danish Maja Alm and Judith Wyder ready to re-edit the great duel of 2014. In the first half of the last leg, Alm and Wyder alternated in the lead, but at the passage through the spectators control the advantage of the Danish over the Swiss was already of 19 seconds to move on quickly to 1:01 and to 1:31 at the finish. And if the term "dynamic of victory" can be applied with all property to Maja Alm, the "dynamic of defeat" took account of Judith Wyder, passed near the finish by the Norwegian Anne Margrethe Hausken Nordberg and the Russian Galina Vinogradova, both phenomenal in this last leg. With large and justified aspirations for a medal, Sweden concluded in the fifth position, while the great disappointment goes to the British team, playing at home, and now managed no better than the 14th place. Portugal repeated the 21st position achieved in Italy last year, ending with more 08:52 than the winners. Further information and full results at


1. Denmark 1:00:54 (+ 00:00)
2. Norway 1:02:16 (+ 01:21)
3. Russia 1:02:20 (+ 01:26)
4. Switzerland 1:02:25 (+ 01:31)
5. Sweden 1:02:32 (+ 01:38)
6. Finland 1:02:59 (+ 02:05)
7. France 1:03:33 (+ 02:39)
8. Lithuania 1:04:23 (+ 03:29)
9. Austria 1:04:30 (+ 03:36)
10. Czech Republic 1:04:48 (+ 03:54)
21. Portugal 1:09:46 (+ 08:52)

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Joaquim Margarido

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