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SEEOC & SEEMOC 2015: Bulgaria wins South East European Championships

Bulgaria was the great winner of the South East European Orienteering Championships SEEOC & SEEMOC 2015, that took place at Bansko. Individually, the Bulgarian Ivan Sirakov and the Romanian Andra Cecilia Anghel were prominent names.

Particularly known for its qualities as a snow resort, the Bulgarian town of Bansko, at the foot of the Pirin Mountains, hosted the 5th edition of the South East European Orienteering Championships SEEOC 2015 and the 4th edition of the South East European Masters Orienteering Championships SEEMOC 2015. Held in the classes of M/W Elite, M/W16, M/W18 and M/W20, the SEEOC 2015 had the participation of 193 athletes representing ten national teams. As for SEEMOC 2015, it joined the M/W35 class until the M/W75 class, with the participation of 144 athletes from ten different nations. At the same time, took place the Bansko Cup 2015, open event which brought together a total of 635 participants and called to the competition, in addition to the athletes belonging to the affiliated Federations in SEEOA - South East European Orienteering Association, representatives from New Zealand, Norway and Russia.

Counting for the IOF World Ranking, the individual races relied on six different winners in male and female Elite. The Sprint that started the competition saw the Bulgarian Ivan Sirakov and Antonia Grigorova as big winners. The Romanian Ionut Zinca and the Moldovan Galina Ribediuc won the Long Distance, while the victories in the Middle Distance went to the Bulgarian Ivaylo Kamenarov and the Romanian Andra Cecilia Anghel. Bulgaria also won the male and female Relay, in the first case with a team composed by Teodor Yordanov, Ivaylo Kamenarov and Ivan Sirakov and in the women by Antoniya Grigorova, Liudmila Gotseva and Liliana Gotseva. In the sum of the results, Ivan Sirakov and Andra Cecilia Anghel eventually beat the concurrence, with Ionut Zinca and Galina Ribediuc to stay in the second position and the Turkish Ozgur Fettah and the Romanian Veronica Minoiu concluding in the third place on the respective classes. As for the youngsters, the Bulgarian Boyan Ivandjikov (M16) and Apostol Atanasov (M20) were the featured figures, with two wins and one second place achieved in the three races.

Bulgaria also wins in Veterans

The competition of Veterans SEEMOC 2015 was distributed by 18 different classes and saw the Bulgarian athletes rise to the top of the podium for 21 times in the sum of the three individual courses. Featured notes for the Turkish Tatiana Kalenderoglu (W40), the Romanian Istvan Sebestyen (M40), the Serbs Života Tasic (M60) and Miodrag Radisavljevic (M75), the Moldovan Larisa Pogorletscaia (W70) and the Bulgarian Mariana Zhecheva (W50), Petya Koleva (W55), Marusya Danailova (W60) and Nikola Bedelev (M70), reaching three wins in as many races. Overall, Bulgaria secured the top spot in eight classes, followed by Moldova with four wins, Serbia and Romania with two wins each and Turkey and Croatia, with a triumph each.

In the end, Bulgaria was the winner of SEEOC 2015 with a total of 1682 points, having mastered six of the eight competition classes. Under 242 points, Romania occupied the second place, leaving the third place to Turkey with 1310 points. Regarding the SEEMOC 2015, the victory of Bulgaria was overwhelming, providing a total of 3206 points against 1496 points of Moldova, second placed and 1472 points from Serbia, which occupied the third place.


Men Elite
1. Ivan Sirakov (Bulgaria) 118 points
2. Ionut Zinca (Romania) 109 points
3. Ozgur Fettah (Turkey) 76 points
4. Jernej Nejc Zorman (Slovenia) 72 points
5. Milovan Milic (Serbia) 62 points
6. Sergiu Fala (Moldova) 56 points

Women Elite
1. Andra Cecilia Anghel (Romania) 123 points
2. Galina Ribediuc (Moldova) 109 points
3. Veronica Minoiu (Romania) 92 points
4. Liliana Gotseva (Bulgaria) 91 points
5. Ajda Flashker (Slovenia) 82 points
6. Antonia Grigorova (Bulgaria) 75 points

Other classes' winners
M/W16 - Boyan Ivandjikov (Bulgaria) and Niya Georgieva (Bulgaria)
M/W18 - Mihai Tintar (Romania) and Elif Gokce Avci (Turkey)
M/W20 - Apostol Atanosov (Bulgaria) and Andreya Dyaksova (Bulgaria)
M/W35 - Eugeniu Borsci (Moldova) and Veselina Zasheva (Bulgaria)
M/W40 - Istvan Sebestyen (Romania) and Tatiana Kalenderoglu (Turkey)
M/W45 - Robert Orehoci (Croatia) and Olga Cecan (Moldova)
M/W50 - Boyko Stoyanov (Bulgaria) and Mariana Zhecheva (Bulgaria)
M/W55 - Victor Ursu (Moldova) and Petya Koleva (Bulgaria)
M/W60 - Života Tasic (Serbia) and Marusya Danailova (Bulgaria)
M/W65 - Lucian Gălăţeanu (Romania) and Todorka Vaseva (Bulgaria)
M/W70 - Nikola Bedelev (Bulgaria) and Larisa Pogosrletscaia (Moldova)
M/W75 - Miodrag Radisavljevic (Serbia) and Anna Cholakova (Bulgaria)

Complete results and further information at http://seeoc2015.orienteering.bg/.

Joaquim Margarido

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