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City Race Euro Tour 2015: Jack Kosky and Merill Mägi, winners of Elite Final Rankings

Eduardo Gil Marcos and Violeta Feliciano Sanjuan were the big winners of the City Race Euro Tour 2015's last stage, held last Sunday in Seville. The good performances of Jack Kosky and Merill Mägi on this stage allowed them to secure the victory in the Final Rankings of the CRET's second edition.

With the completion of Seville stage, came to an end the second edition of City Race Euro Tour. The event had its first stage in Antwerp, last 6th September, extending later to London, Porto, Barcelona and Krakow, to finish in the Andalusian capital, last Sunday. The notes of success of this last stage are given by the great participation of 1200 athletes from 18 countries, but also for the presentation of this sport to three hundred local participants, the remarkable mobilization of a large number of media, including television, and by judicious choice of courses, combining perfectly the technical challenge with an amazing “guided tour” to a really charming city.

The City Race Euro Tour Seville 2015 was just one of three stages - curiously the last one – of a major event that was the Seville O'Meeting 2015. Held in the historic centre of Seville, under Long Distance courses, the race saw the Spanish Eduardo Gil Marcos (Tjalve) and Violeta Feliciano Sanjuan (Colivenc) winning in the Men and Women Elite classes, respectively. The victory of Eduardo Gil Marcos was achieved after a tremendous fight with Antonio Martínez Pérez (Colivenc), by the narrow margin of 8 seconds. The third position fell to another great master of Spanish Foot Orienteering, Andreu Blanes Reig (Colivenc), while the fourth and fifth positions were achieved by the Portuguese Tiago Gingão Leal (GD4C) and Tiago Martins Aires (GafanhOri). As for the Women, the triumph of Violeta Feliciano Sanjuan is undeniable, leaving their teammates, Alicia Gil Sanchez and Natalia Gurchenkova, respectively second and third ranked, at distant two minutes. The Portuguese Raquel Costa (GafanhOri) finished fourth.

It should be noted that Andreu Blanes Reig and Antonio Martinez Perez won, respectively, the Middle Distance and Sprint stages of the Seville O' Meeting 2015, in Men Elite, while Raquel Costa was the winner in both stages, in the Women Elite. In the sum of points of three stages, Andreu Blanes Reig and Raquel Costa were the big winners of Seville O'Meeting 2015. Although the City Race Euro Tour 2015's Final Rankings weren't been officially published yet, it is clear that the British Jack Kosky (UDOC) secured the triumph in Men Elite class, after the 8th place achieved in the stage of Seville. Also the British Mark Burley (Bristol Orienteering) and the Belgian Dieter Coen (TROL) granted the second and third positions, respectively. As for the Women Elite, the victory smiled to the Estonian Merill Mägi, from OK Kape (5th ranked in Seville), followed by her compatriot Maiki Jaadmaa (OK Võru) and the Norwegian Lone Karin Brochmann (Bækkelagets SK).

City Race Euro Tour Seville 2015

Men Elite
1. Eduardo Gil Marcos (Tjalve) 50:08 (+ 00:00)
2. Antonio Martínez Pérez (Colivenc) 50:16 (+ 00:08)
3. Andreu Blanes Reig (Colivenc) 51:06 (+ 00:58)
4. Tiago Gingão Leal (GD4C) 51:45 (+ 01:37)
5. Tiago Martins Aires (GafanhOri) 53:50 (+ 03:42)
6. Clement Demeuse (C.O. Liège) 56:27 (+ 06:19)

Women Elite
1. Violeta Feliciano Sanjuan (Colivenc) 50:23 (+ 00:00)
2. Alicia Gil Sánchez (Colivenc) 52:09 (+ 01:46)
3. Natalia Gurchenkova (Colivenc) 52:15 (+ 1:52)
4. Raquel Costa (GafanhOri) 53:29 (+ 03:06)
5. Merill Mägi (OK Kape) 54:08 (+ 03:45)
6. Carolina Delgado (GD4C) 55:11 (+ 4:48)

Winners other classes
Young M/F - Miguel Garrido Corral (Vane) and Nerea González Peña (Toledo-O)
Junior M/F - Elmar Montero Cárceles (GODIH) and Maria Prieto Del Campo (Malarruta)
Veterans M/F - Santiago Jiménez Molina (GOCAN) and Marion Büchli (Swiss O-Tours)
Superveterans M/F - James Crawford (GO) and Delia Kingsbury (WRE)
Ultraveterans M/F - Mike Godfree (DVO) and Liz Godfree (DVO)

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Joaquim Margarido

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