Sunday, November 29, 2015

Ski Orienteering World Cup Middle Distance: Victories for Andrey Lamov and Tove Alexandersson

Andrey Lamov and Tove Alexandersson took today's victories at Ylläs, Finland. In the third stage of Ski Orienteering World Cup's opening round, a tough Middle Distance, they beat the concurrence by comfortable margins.

Nine months after his Sprint gold in the World Ski Orienteering Championships, the Russian Andrey Lamov is back to the victories. This time in a World Cup Middle Distance always tough but very different from Friday's Sprint, with the starting line much lower and a lot of climbing ahead, again the Alpine slopes being a real challenge for the athletes. In such conditions, Lamov was faster than anyone else, finishing his course of 8,8 km in 39:42. Leader of the IOF Ski Orienteering World Ranking, the Bulgarian Stanimir Belomazhev repeated last Friday's second place, with more 1:03 than Lamov. The Swedish Erik Rost showed again his good shape, finishing third with the time of 41:15.

After yesterday's victory in Sprint Relay (together with Ulrik Nordberg), the Swedish Tove Alexandersson was the Women race's winner today, spending 37:09 to complete the 7,4 km of her course. A perfect race and no mistakes were the secret of such a huge success. Second placed, the Russia Mariya Kechkina took three more minutes than Tove Alexandersson to reach the finish. In the third place, with more 3:31 than the winner, we could see, surprisingly, the Finnish Sonja Moersky, a very experienced athlete but lately a little bit away from the international scene since the European Championships in 2014, where she took the bronze in the Middle Distance.


1. Andrey Lamov (Russia) 39:42 (+ 00:00)
2. Stanimir Belomazhev (Bulgaria) 40:45 (+ 01:03)
3. Erik Rost (Sweden) 41:15 (+ 01:33)
4. Eduard Khrennikov (Russia) 41:21 (+ 01:39)
5. Lars Moholdt (Noeway) 41:24 (+ 01:42)
6. Ville-Petteri Saarela (Finland) 41:37 (+ 01:55)

1. Tove Alexandersson (Sweden) 37:09 (+ 00:00)
2. Mariya Kechkina (Russia) 40:09 (+ 03:00)
3. Sonja Moersky (Finland) 40:40 (+ 03:31)
4. Tatyana Oborina (Russia) 40:53 (+ 03:44)
5. Magdalena Olsson (Sweden) 41:04 (+ 03:55)
6. Milka Reponen (Finland) 41:07 (+ 03:58)

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