Thursday, December 10, 2015

Galina Vinogradova: "It’s time to continue the training work"

Despite not having achieved all the planned goals, Galina Vinogradova doesn't deny that 2015 was, from a personal point of view, an important season.

In the end of a season full of emotions and great results, what's the first word that come to your mind?

Galina Vinogradova (G. V.) – It’s time to continue the training work.

Did you achieve all the goals you've planned for the season?

G. V. - No. But I’m satisfied with the season 2015.

I have to ask you about the WOC and your two bronze. Did you expect a medal?

G. V. - In the Sprint Relay, after the changeover, I came to the last leg in 10th position and I was far away from thoughts about medals. I just made my job, step by step. After a successful Sprint Relay, I got additional self-confidence for the Sprint final. And yes, I expected a medal in the Sprint.

Physical, technical, mental. Which of those parts were most important for the final result? Do you feel the need to improve even more on these aspects?

G. V. - Everything was important. There are no unnecessary details at top-level.

Was 2015 the most important season in your career so far?

G. V. - The season 2015 was important because of individual WOC medal. But, in the previous years, I also won medals in Relays (silver WOC 2008, gold World Games 2009, bronze WOC 2014). The victory in the World Cup event 2011 (Sweden, knock-out sprint) is still important to me.

If I ask you to elect the Orienteering Achievement of 2015, what would it be?

G. V. - Maja Alm.

You can hardly wait for starting a new season. Is it true?

G. V. - Sure. My main goal is to do my best in the main competitions.

Have you already planned the preparation period? Are we going to see you in Portugal next winter?

G. V. – I’m still thinking about different training opportunities for this period.

Would you share with us your biggest wish?

G. V. - Happiness and health to all children of the Earth.

[Photo courtesy of Galina Vinogradova]

Joaquim Margarido

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