Tuesday, January 26, 2016

1st TCR Orienteering Trophy: Antonio Martinez Perez and Marika Teini won WRE stage

It was hand in hand that Spanish League and Portuguese Cup in FootO gave the kick-off of 2016 season. Spread over three stages, one of which counting for the IOF World Ranking, the 1st Tierra de Ciudad Rodrigo Orienteering Trophy joined Portuguese and Spanish orienteers in that region of the province of Salamanca, for a weekend both emotional and fun.

Enthusiastically, 930 athletes from eight countries embraced the challenge of a great Orienteering weekend in Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain, near the Portuguese border. Organized by Escondite Nature Sport, Ciudad Rodrigo Orientación and Afecir, the 1st Tierra de Ciudad Rodrigo Orienteering Trophy stated the start of Foot Orienteering season in both countries, bringing with it the Iberian Championships 2016 in Men classes and also a stage scoring for the IOF World Ranking.

El Potril de Fuentiguinaldo was the place selected by the organization to carry out the stages of Long Distance and Sprint on the first day. The Middle Distance stage that ended the competition took place at Ciudad Rodrigo Historical Center. As for the Iberian clash, the balance fell somehow to the Spanish side, with 16 titles won against 13 from the Portuguese athletes. In the Elite class, Andreu Blanes Reig (Colivenc) reached the Sprint and Middle Distance titles, whereas the title of Long Distance fell to his team mate Antonio Martinez Perez. Rising to the highest place of the podium for three times in M16 class, the Portuguese Tomás Lima (COC) carried out the greatest achievement of the Championships and was the only athlete among all the present to get such achievement.

The “queen stage” opened the Trophy's program. Counting for the World Ranking, the Long Distance race had in the Spanish Antonio Martinez Perez and the Finnish Marika Teini the great winners. In Men's competition, it was very impressive the struggle between Martinez Perez and the Finnish athlete Olli Markus Taivanen, matching times throughout the course. The biggest difference between the two stood in 43 seconds at the entrance to the last third of the race. It wasn't until the antepenultimate control that Antonio Martinez Perez managed to reach the lead, winning by the narrow margin of 4 seconds. Contrary to what happened in Men's class, the Women's race had no history, so clear was the superiority of Marika Teini. The Finnish athlete won 19 of the 21 controls of her course, leaving in the end the Portuguese Mariana Moreira at a significant difference of 14:04.

Long Distance WRE

Men Elite
1. Antonio Martinez Perez (Colivenc) 1:14:31 (+ 00:00)
2. Olli Markus Taivanen (Pellon Ponsi) 1:14:35 (+ 00:04)
3. Andreu Blanes Reig (Colivenc) 1:15:18 (+ 00:47)
4. Eduardo Gil Marcos (Tjalve) 1:16:48 (+ 02:17)
5. Tiago Martins Aires (GafanhOri) 1:16:58 (+ 02:27)

Women Elite
1. Marika Teini (SK Pohjantahti) 56:21 (+ 00:00)
2. Mariana Moreira (CPOC) 1:10:25 (+ 14:04)
3. Rachel Costa (GafanhOri) 1:14:09 (+ 17:48)
4. Violet Feliciano Sanjuan (Colivenc) 1:18:35 (+ 22:14)
5. Guadalupe Moreno Zúñiga (Monte El Pardo) 1:19:14 (+ 22:53)

For further information please visit the event webpage HERE.

Joaquim Margarido

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