Sunday, January 31, 2016

LIOM 2016: Urban Middle Distance flash interviews

It was very good. We don't have this format [Urban Middle Distance] in Brazil and here it was really fun, in a very pleasant area. I felt well, despite not being in good shape. The European athletes' level its higher than ours but we try to participate in order to learn and improve continuously. The physical part and also the need to keep focused on the map reading were the most difficult parts.

Elaine Dalmares Lenz, ADDAN

It was a very nice course, with all this gardens. It was also very tough because its format, a very long Sprint race. Most of all, it was a good training today. I did a quite good race. Some route choices were difficult and I don't know yet if I did the good ones, but I have a good feeling. It's always great to come to Portugal. Always good maps, good courses and good organizations.

Annika Björk, OK Linné

An amazing race in a very nice terrain. I did one huge mistake and I've been disqualified but enjoyed it, anyway. The biggest challenge is the technical part, but also I'm not physicalli in good shape and it was tough. I think this format is a good idea. I did a good training having lots of fun.

Bartolomiej Mazan, KOS BnO Szczecin

I really enjoyed the race. It was quite difficult to places I've been at a Park. I think it was very tricky at the start, but than I liked the Urban area. I felt there like “home” and this second part of the race was much better for me. I enjoyed a lot this kind of contrast. In Great Britain, we often have Long Distances in urban areas, but not Middle Distances. This felt like a Sprint all the time. You have to keep focused for longer, which is a very good training if you're training for Sprint. The toughest part is to keep focused till the end and I did my biggest mistake next to the end, precisely.

Kirstin Maxwell, RR

Joaquim Margarido

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