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SkiO World Cup round 2: A handful of gold to Erik Rost

After five victories and a second place in the individual races, Sweden showed up at the highest level once again, winning two out of three collective races which ended the second round of Ski Orienteering World Cup 2015/2016. With five gold medals in as many races, Erik Rost was crowned “king” of the competition.

Came to an end in Klingenthal, in the German region of the Ore Mountains, the second round of Ski Orienteering World Cup 2015/2016. The Swedish supremacy along the three individual races that filled the program last weekend, was confirmed once more through the achievement of two tasty victories and a second place.

Held yesterday, the Mixed Relay had in Tove Alexandersson and Erik Rost the big winners. A hard-fought victory by the narrow margin of 10 seconds over the competitive second team of Sweden (Magdalena Olsson / Ulrik Nordberg), with the two main teams of Russia (Mariya Kechkina / Eduard Khrennikov and Alena Trapeznikova / Andrey Lamov) being disqualified by “mp”. For the competition accounts, the third place of Finland meant the silver medal to the Finnish Salla Koskela and Janne Hakkinen, while the fourth position earned the bronze medal to the Norwegian Anna Ulvensoen and Oeyvind Watterdal

Ending the exciting German journey, the Relay courses took place this morning, with Sweden and Russia sharing equitably the top spots of male and female podiums. In the Men Elite class, Sweden finished again in the first position, earning Erik Rost to win five gold medals in a row and to be crowned as "King" of World Cup’s round two. And it was due to Erik Rost that Sweden got another amazing triumph, as the Swedish athlete left for the last leg with a disadvantage of 14 seconds for the Russian Andrey Lamov, ending in the lead with a time of 1:51:15 against 1:52:53 of his opponent. The victory in the Women Elite class smiled to Russia, but, in this case, the key of the victory in was the first leg, when Alena Trapeznikova took an advantage of 2:10 over Sweden. Magdalena Olsson and Tove Alexandersson were the fastest performers in the two final legs, but Polina Frolova, first, and then Mariya Kechkina, managed to hold an advantage that, in the end, lies in 23 seconds.


Mixed Relay

1. Sweden (Tove Alexandersson / Erik Rost) 59:13 (+ 00:00)
2. Finland (Salla Koskela / Janne Hakkinen) 1:00:34 (+ 01:21)
3. Norway (Anna Ulvensøen / Oeyvind Watterdal) 1:00:52 (+ 01:39)
4. Russia (Polina Frolova / Stepan Malinovskii) 1:02:36 (+ 03:23)
5. Czech Republic (Hana Hancikova / Jakub Skoda) 1:05:34 (+ 06:21
6. Estonia (Doris Kudre / Udam Ilmar) 1:12:32 (+ 13:19)


Men Elite
1. Sweden (E. Blomgren / U. Nordberg / E. Rost) 1:51:15 (+ 00:00)
2. Russia (S. Malinovskii / E. Khrennikov / A. Lamov) 1:52:53 (+ 01:38)
3. Norway (J. Madslien / O. Watterdal / L. Moholdt) 1:56:00 (+ 04:45)
4. Finland (T. Linnainmaa / T. Kotro / J. Hakkinen) 1:58:54 (+ 07:39)
5. Czech Republic (J. Skoda / P. Horvat / R. Laciga) 2:06:53 (+ 15:38)
6. Germany (S. Gross / R. Rahtmann / A. Dannowski) 2:56:16 (+ 1:05:01)

Women Elite
1. Russia (A. Trapeznikova / P. Frolova / M. Kechkina) 1:31:48 (+ 00:00)
2. Sweden (E. Wickborn / M. Olsson / T. Alexandersson) 1:32:11 (+ 0:23)
3. Finland (M. Suutari / M. Kaskinen / S. Koskela) 1:37:02 (+ 05:14)
4. Czech Republic (P. Hancova / H. Hancikova / K. Kolinova) 1:44:38 (+ 12:50)
5. Germany (R. Bruns / A. von Gaza / H. Straube) 2:08:05 (+ 36:17)

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Joaquim Margarido

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