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The Norwegian TrailO Control of the Year 2015: Widar Taxth Løland and Gunnar Olsen are the winners

The Norwegian TrailO Control of the Year 2015 is awarded to Widar Taxth Løland and Gunnar Olsen, as result of a challenging control set for the PreO i Sør Day1, in a perfect scenery, on the Southwest coast of Norway. Searching for details, the Portuguese Orienteering Blog met Martin Jullum and brings you the full story.

Every year, the blog PreOEliten promotes an original contest named “The Norwegian TrailO Control of the Year”. This is a private initiative of Geir Myhr Øien and Martin Jullum, blog's administrators, and it has been organized every year since 2010. According Martin Jullum, the aim of the contest is “to give attention to the good work that is being done by the organizers and course setters (and event advisors) in particular”, adding that “it was also our hope that course planners would learn from the best and thereby increase the quality of Norwegian events”. And it's also a way “to acknowledge those doing hundreds of hours of work to put up the best possible competitions for others”, Martin states.

The candidates selection was based on proposals from the Blog's readers and on Martin and Geir own judgement. “We pick out about 10 candidates, trying to get some variety in the type of controls and events represented”, Martin explains. Time controls and TempO controls were excluded for being somewhat different in style and possibly harder to judge their quality. The four finalists were submitted to a Jury and the verdict was clear on giving the victory to course planner Widar Taxth Løland and controller Gunnar Olsen, for their work on the 9th Control of PreO i Sør Day 1, at Fevik. Both have received a diploma and Widar Tatxth Løland saw his name on a trophy which he will keep for a year before it is passed forward to next year's winner.

A little History of the contest

The format of the contest have changed slightly through these years. The first two years, the winner was decided by the PreOEliten' readers solely by voting on the controls that they've suggested. This, however, may have given an advantage to larger events with many competitors, since one does not typically vote on controls who hasn't seen “in real life”. The last couple of years, the blog's administrators just sent the four controls with the most votes - maximum one control per competition - to a jury to decide which one should be the winner.

Below is a summary of the winners:
2010: Control 7 OL Vallset/Stange PreOcompetition; course setter Ole Arnt Skaaraas, controller Odd Håkensen
2011: Control 3 Norwegian Spring TrailOday 1, course setter Martin Jullum, controller Knut Ovesen
2012: Control 14 Norwegian SpringTrailO day 2; course setter Martin Jullum, controller Knut Ovesen
2013: Control 18 Lierbygda PreOcompetition day 1; course setter Arne Ask, controller Martin Jullum
2014: Control 19, Mjøs PreO day 2; course setter Geir Myhr Øien, controller Egil Sønsterudbråten 
2015: Control 9 PreO i Sør day 1; course setter Widar Taxth Løland, controller Gunnar Olsen.

[Photo courtesy: Martin Jullum]

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