Friday, January 01, 2016

Two or three things I know about it...

1. “The turn of the New Year is a good moment to reflect back but also to look ahead”. The words are from Simone Niggli, in a new message left on her webpage, in the last day of the last year. In a really nice article, Simone states that “orienteering is continuing to be close to my heart”, two years after resigning from the Swiss national. At six months to the Junior World Championships's opening, in which she plays the role of Event Director, Simone set a first goal for the big event: “I am looking forward to the many interesting spectators who will support the young athletes from all over the world”, she says. And assures: “Great orienteering action delivered live in the finish arenas with the speaker Per Forsberg commentating”. Besides this big commitment, the champion's current life consists of many different engagements: Family life, two part-time jobs, dealing with sponsors and time for herself: “I still love to run outside, and last but not least, I very much like to continue competing in orienteering events with map and compass.” Everything to read at

2. Another great article issued in 2015's last hours and signed for Minna Kauppi takes account of a new “chapter” in the athlete's life after having “put my o-shoes, compasses and training clothes aside and decided to find new adventures, goals and dreams in the other world, (…) where every day is not defined by trainings and recovery.” Struggling against her own body during the last years, Minna confesses: “ I almost stopped playing in the spring already”, adding that “it has never been my goal to be second”. “Chapter 2” is about “the other life” that, soon, will determine her days and hours – Minna will start working, for the first time ever, already this Monday. “I can just say that I didn’t really choose small challenges this time either. Humble, a bit scared, but happy, I will start the chapter two in my life next year!” In the post-scriptum, a guarantee: “I’ll be running o-competitions for sure, so we’ll definitely meet some day.” Take your time checking the full article at

3. 2016 is coming with another great movie signed by Puresive Films. “Train Hard Win Easy – The Hubmann Brothers” is a “sequel”, a short movie produced two years after the filming of “Go Hard or Go Home”, again with the two world orienteering championships medallists, Martin Hubmann and Daniel Hubmann. At Puresive Films' page on Facebook – -, Simon Rüegg and Lukas Schubnell commented: “Already two years ago, after the filming of 'Go Hard Or Go Home', the Hubmann brothers asked us if we could do again a little project. Now, after two years, we thought it would be time to make again an epic movie. Spontaneously and without much planning we headed out on a beautiful autumn day.” We take ours the wishes of Simon & Lukas: “Enjoy the beautiful landscape during an 'easy' training session and be amazed how fast, how nimble and how fleet-footed they run through the forests.” See the movie at

Joaquim Margarido

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