Saturday, January 16, 2016

Two or three things I know about it...

1. “What I saw on Orienteering in 2015” is the name of the movie. Its author, Nina Waldow, presents some nice moments filmed along the past year, during some main competitions in Brazil. “Between everyday life and the passion for the sport, here you are some moments with all these athletes, whether amateur or professional, I was privileged to share. We became better when influenced by good examples. Be you, orienteer, a good example for the future generations. How about starting already in 2016?”, says Nina, filling the movie with words like “landscape”, “ground”, “relay”, “young”, “elite”, “challenges”, “courage”. A beautiful movie to enjoy. It worth a try!

2. Now it is time to vote to IWGA Athlete of the Year 2015. For the poll, the International World Games Association selected eighteen candidates from eighteen different sports and representing sixteen nations. Between the nominated, there's a Speed Climber from the Czech Republic, a Gymnast from the USA, a Ne-Waza fighter from Romania, a Korfball player from the Nederlands, a pair of Dancers from Russia, a Fistball Team from Germany and, last but not least, an Orienteer from Denmark. We talk about Maja Alm, a 27-year-old athlete that won three gold medals at the World Orienteering Championships in Scotland 2015. This amazing achievement started with a victory for the Danish team in the Sprint Relay, with Maja Alm running the last leg. Less than 24 hours later she won her first individual gold medal in Sprint. Maja Alm completed her golden days with a gold medal in the Relay. To give your vote to Maja Alm, you just need to enter the IWGA webpage at You may vote as many times you want but... just once a day!

3. From 5th to 9th Feb 2016, Clube de Orientação do Centro (COC) organizes the Portugal O' Meeting 2016 in Penamacor and you may check all the information at POM is the world's biggest orienteering event taking place at winter time and is considered by many as the official opening of the competition season for its high organizational quality and for receiving the top runners of the world. Things aren't different this year and the number of entered athletes just passed the barrier of one thousand, from 29 nations. Thierry Gueorgiou, Fabian Hertner, Gustav Bergman, Lucas Basset, Andreu Blanes, Martin Hubmann, Frederic Tranchant, Baptiste Rollier, Lina Strand, Amélie Chataing, Helena Jansson, Annika Billstam, Catherine Taylor and Maria Magnusson are some of POM 2016's stars. COC is working hard to host a memorable event and hopes to have more than two thousand participants. Besides new maps, challenging terrains and courses, you'll be able to experience the rich gastronomy, to enjoy the friendship of locals and to explore the beautiful and untouched nature of this part of Portugal. The deadline for competition classes is 25th January. Any entry made after this date for competition classes will not be validated by the organization!

4. Those who have been following the snow conditions in Germany with bated breath can now breathe a sigh of relief. The World Masters Ski Orienteering Championships / World Cup 2016's organisers confirmed last thursday that they finally have enough snow for the races to take place. The status of the event hung in the balance right up until their visit to the competition areas on Wednesday, when Event Directors Bernd Kohlschmidt and Diethard Kundisch were finally able to confirm that there was enough snow to proceed. Unfortunately, this is not the case in France, where the Winter's late arrival to the High Alps forced the organizers of French Ski Orienteering Championships (Long Distance and Mass Start) to cancel the courses scheduled to 23rd and 24th January at Gap-Bayard. Finally, the Ski orienteers' attention during the weekend goes to Sjusjøen, in Norway, where the Ski-O-Treff is about to start. The terrain conditions are perfect and the organizers hope to offer challenging ski orienteering courses to the 225 entered athletes. You can follow the races with Live Results at

Joaquim Margarido

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