Thursday, February 04, 2016

LIOM 2016: Catherine Taylor's Long Distance course analysis

[Control nº 1] I've not run on a 1:15,000 map in a long time, so I ran a bit extra and safer to get used to the map before attacking the control. Not quick but I think it was what I needed.

[Control nº 2] It seemed quite equal to take the road or the path on the other side of the fields. I chose the road, it looked simpler.

[Control nº 3] Straight! It was fast terrain so no need to use the path.

[Control nº 4] Good to leave the path earlier to avoid the darkest green.

[Controls nº 5 and nº 6] My big mistake! On a path. I thought I was taking the big path, turned left by some small hills and came to a control - and it was mine! So I ran on but soon found that the terrain didn't match 6-7 at all, and I'd been to control 6 instead of 5… oops. I really lost concentration here and took the wrong direction back to 6, too. But I had seen Galina ahead already at control 3 and made my aim to push really hard and try and "catch back" the big mistakes.

[Controls nº 7, nº 8, nº 9 and nº 10] Running straight, these were okay and a nice chance to refocus.

[Controls nº 11, 12 and 13] Sometimes hard to see the details in the circles and having to stop a lot on the way into the control, but routes were quite straight.

[Control nº 14] I took quite a low route, it felt quite fast to take this line.

[Control nº 15] No problems with orienteering in the open but the terrain was sandy and difficult to run in.

[Controls nº 16 and nº 17] Now I could see Galina again, which helped me push harder when the terrain was so sandy. 16 was quite difficult to find and here is where I caught the gap. But having extra company can mean extra pressure…

[Control nº 18] Path mistakes, again! It was difficult to see the paths and I found a "false trail" taking me too far left. I didn't check the compass enough and soon lost where I was. I kept going, now using my compass, to find a clear feature and mnaged to find myself again and carry on into the control. Some more extra distance.

[Control nº 19 to Finish ] The most fun part of the race, really fast terrain but it can still be easy to lose time by moving fast without checking the compass properly. I just wanted to hve a clean last loop and I managed that okay at least. I still paused to check I was in exactly the right place on the way into 23, it felt stupid to risk any more big mistakes. I was tired in the end because on this terrain you have to run really hard!

Joaquim Margarido

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