Wednesday, February 03, 2016

LIOM 2016: Daniel Hubmann's Sprint course analysis

[Control nº 01] The first control was an easy one; there weren’t route choices here.

[Control nº 02] We had a route choice to the second control. First I saw the option to the right, but then I decided to go left because it seemed to be shorter. I think it was a good choice.

[Control nº 03] To the third control I went to the left but I think that could be almost the same if I choose the option to the right .

[Controls nº 04 and nº 05] Clear.

[Control nº 06] Number six also clear. No route choices, but still you had to be focused, see all the passages, the steps, also some people, you have to take care moving round the corner, but I think I managed to do well.

[Control nº 07] I decided to go up the stairs and then go down, which I think it was good.

[Control nº 08] An interesting route choice here, because of the climbing. The first option I saw it was close to the line but then I realize that would be better to go up and down again. I think this was also a very good option.

[Control nº 09] To the ninth control, I wanted to do an “S” – so, right and left” – but then I decided to go all around to the right, but I can see now that it wasn’t the best option and I think I lost here about ten seconds.

[Control nº 10] I took the route which looked a little bit better runnable because of fewer stairs.

[Control nº 11] I saw here Fredrik [Bakkman] and I came quite close to him, so I tried to do a different route but I think to go right on this church wasn’t the best option and I lost a couple of seconds here.

[Controls nº 12 and nº 13] Fine.

[Control nº 14] Another route choice. There was no option straight and I had to go left or right. Then I decided to go right, up the stairs and down the street again. It also looks like a good choice but I’m not sure because I also had to climb a lot and go down. Actually I'm not sure… three curves… yeah, I think it was a good choice.

[Control nº 15] Here I went left. It’s difficult to say if this is equal or not. At least, left seems good to me.

[Control nº 16] I went left, around this house, and here going to the right would have been a little bit better. I remember here Fredrik was behind me and took the right and could up a little bit.

[Control nº 17] I saw again this option where I’ve ran already two times, but going left seemed to be the best option because you don’t have stairs and you can run full speed downhill.

[Control nº 18] It was clear going left.

[Controls nº 19 and nº 20] More or less clear.

Joaquim Margarido

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