Thursday, February 04, 2016

LIOM 2016: Fredrik Bakkman's Long Distance course analysis

[Control nº 1] The first one was just run straight, pretty easy.

[Controls nº 2, nº 3 and nº 4] Also running straight, full speed all the time. An easy start, no problems.

[Control nº 5] Here I missed a little. I came down, I think I was right but I was a little bit North. Then I had to turn back and I lost maybe 30 or 40 seconds.

[Controls nº 6 and nº 7] Just ran on the path, and then straight to the controls.

[Control nº 8] I missed here a little bit, too. I didn’t see the control and lost some seconds. Yeah, a little mistake.

[Control nº 9] An easy one, just run straight.

[Control nº 10] Full speed on the path all the way into the control.

[Control nº 11] No mistakes.

[Control nº 12] Really easy too. First I ran on the yellow and then down, to the control. An easy one also.

[Control nº 13] Yeah… a mistake, but a little one.

[Control nº 14] I think I was running the right way, but I wasn’t. Where am I? Then I saw where I was. I lost some time but I didn’t miss the control.

[Control nº 15] That was an easy one.

[Control nº 16] Pretty easy. I saw the green on the way down.

[Control nº 17] Here I ran a little to the left. Maybe I lost some time there, but not too much.

[Control nº 18] Just run straight. I recognized the area, I’ve been there earlier twice (laughs).

[Control nº 19] I ran straight at the beginning and then along the path. This is an easy one, you can run full speed all the time, right into the control.

[Control nº 20 and nº 21] Just run straight and then on the path into the control.

[Control nº 22] Straight to the path, to save my legs, and then just run straight into the control. We are now into the most interesting part of the map, really green. More sand in the beginning and a harder ground in the last part. I prefer it just like that. So, a great fun on the last part of the race.

[Control nº 23] A lot of sand up at the control. It was tough.

[Control nº 24] A little round on the right and then straight to the control.

[Control nº 25] Just run straight. I didn't find any difficulties here.

[Control nº 26] I just ran in the compass and then I saw the green near the path. There was no problem.

[Control nº 27] No problem also into the arena passage.

[Control nº 28 and nº 29] I took the path to both controls.

[Control nº 30] Straight on.

[Control nº 31] I thought the control would be a tough one, but when you come closer to it you see it was pretty easy because the green is not so green. The forest is very runnable here and you see the control quite far.

[Control nº 32 and nº 33] Just run straight into the controls. No problem either.

Joaquim Margarido

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