Monday, February 01, 2016

LIOM 2016: WRE Long Distance flash interviews

I’m really happy with the races. I had to deal with very technical challenges, which was pretty much difficult because it is my first time running in Elite class and I can see how much different it is from what I was used to. But it was really fun, despite an injury in my head today that forced me to quit. Yesterday, the Sprint was really fun but also very tricky, with all those narrow streets and lots of stairs, asking for a very accurate map reading and good physical condition too. My goal is to be a better orienteer and I know I have a lot to improve. But, sooner or later, I’ll get it.

Almudena Suarez Pazos, Brigantia

I’m here for a Training Camp, trying to have some tricky and technical Orienteering in the start of the season, so this was pretty much what I was expecting. Today I wasn’t very clean technically. I’ve running quite fast, but I did some small mistakes in a terrain very detailed and sometimes difficult. As for yesterday’s Sprint, I haven’t ran sprint races in narrow and hilly streets like that for a long time, so it was also difficult, but I enjoyed and this was a good way to start the season.

Dave Schorah, DEE

I think this is a very nice terrain and I loved a lot to run here. It wasn’t a clean race, I did some small mistakes, but it was a good race overall. It was my first Long Distance this year and I think that I improved from last year, so I’m satisfied but still having a lot to work. It was a great event and I enjoyed the Sprint a lot. This was just what I’ve been expecting for the start of the season.

Lone Karin Brochmann, Bækkelagets SK

For now, I do mostly Mountain Running, but Orienteering is my first love. So, here I am, but if you don’t run for a long time, things get difficult. It’s nice to be in Portugal and to mix both training and Orienteering. Today’s race was fast, with some technical parts in the beach because of the vegetation. I did some mistakes there, but I’m getting the flow back in Orienteering, so it was nice. Lisbon is a great city. It was my first time here and I loved it. The races were very well organized, the Portuguese are always nice and the weather is perfect for running and Orienteering. The Sprint experience was incredible and I’ll be here next year, definitely.

Radu Milea, CS Unirea Alba Iulia

It was a hard race and I did a lot of small mistakes. Sometimes it’s difficult to know your position and you need to turn your head and find the control (laughs). We had the Sprint race first and the Long Distance the day after, which is similar to the next WOC’s program and I enjoyed it. Mostly, it was a good training, particularly the Sprint race, in a very interesting and demanding area. You had to be focused constantly; otherwise, you lose the idea where you are.

Galina Vinogradova, Alfta OSA OK

It was a nice weekend and I felt pretty good. Today my performance wasn’t, maybe, the very best, but it was also a good training. In the last part of the course I tried to push hard and it was a good exercise. I found the beginning of the course a little bit boring, but the last part was really nice and I could enjoy it. I’m motivated to training and looking forward the next weeks. I’ll stay almost two more weeks in Portugal, but not competing anymore, just training. [About the future], of course it’s nice to be the IOF World Ranking’s nº 1, but more important is to win the World Championships, the European Championships and the World Cup races and I’m preparing for those moments. I believe we’ll meet next year in Portugal again. I’ve nothing planned yet but it’s always nice to come here.

Daniel Hubmann, KooVee

Joaquim Margarido

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