Saturday, February 13, 2016

NAOM 2016: Comments

I'm not very happy with my race today. I did a lot of small mistakes, here and there, and I wasn't technically offensive enough. Also physically I start too feel the tiredness of these days of training but the terrain was great. I think it would be really pleasant to run here with nice weather conditions, but well. I think I'm improving my shape. I had some injury troubles in the Autumn, this Winter I fell my shape not as good as I would expect but I think it will come slowly. Tomorrow we'll see but I'll try to improve.

Lucas Basset, FFCO

I think it was a good race. I did a few mistakes but small ones, I never was far away from the controls. Some times I wasn't pretty sure where they were, but it was a really fun race in amazing terrains. Normally it's a good sign to stay two minutes behind Thierry in this time of the season, so I think my shape is okay for now. He is really fast and there's a lot of work to do, of course, but I'm very happy with my performance.

Olav Lundanes, Halden SK

It was a very technical, interesting course. Unfortunately, my shape isn't good enough to take pleasure of it. After a Training Camp week I'm a little tired and fighting with an injury in my Achiles tendom and this isn't the best way to face any course. Otherwise, the map and the terrain were really interesting. I came to Portugal looking forward training well and get some sun. The weather, definitelly, is quite aggressive and about the training I got some good things, other not so good. But I keep on going with my Winter training and we'll see the results along the season.

Isia Basset, JO Grenoblois

The race today was a great fun. The terrain was tricky but really interesting also and I think I managed it quite well. A very technical race but really nice. I think my race was very good and I'm satisfied.

Magne Daehli, Halden SK

The race was very difficult but really fun. I did two mistakes, not big ones, but, after the Portugal O' Meeting, it was a hard race. I felt very tired and I'm not in the best moment, but it was a very interesting Middle Distance, in a great terrain, and I'm very pleased. Tomorrow I'll try to fight for the victory overall, so the legs can help me (laughs).

Anastasia Rudnaya, MS Parma

It was a great race, really difficult technically and very slippery in some parts, so it was hard to be physically engaged all the time. I did some small hesitations, trying to figure out how to escape the slippery parts. It wasn't an easy task but I must be happy with my performance. We had here, again, an amazing terrain, very similar to those of POM 2007, in S. Pedro do Sul, the kind of terrains that I really like the most. I can't imagine how it should be in a sunny day, but the weather conditions were what we got and we have to take pleasure of it, anyway. Tomorrow we'll have another great course and we must profit such terrains.

Thierry Gueorgiou, Kalevan Rasti

Joaquim Margarido

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