Tuesday, February 16, 2016

NAOM 2016: Comments

I came here with my team, Lillomarka OL, from Oslo. We had a training camp first, in the sand dunes, and now we are here. Unfortunately we had bad weather but I think this terrains are always unique and the competition was really good, as always, so I'm really happy to be here. I'm not ready yet for the real season but I felt okay. The terrain was quite extreme and I wasn't technically too good. In the first day the race was really hard and I didn't expect it. But today I felt much better, so I'm quite satisfied. It's a good starting point of the season and I hope to keep on working well.

Ricardo Scalet, Lillomarka OL

Portugal and the NAOM is a great opportunity to get away from coldness in Sweden and get to do something else, some other kind of Orienteering. I didn't expect the fifth place. I knew I was in good shape, but I've never imagined something like this, actually. It's a very nice start of the season. There are really nice terrains here, so different but also so difficult. Everything has been great, really challenging, really tough, so I'm very satisfied. I hope to come back to Portugal next year.

Amilia Björklund, Sävedalens AIK

The terrain was very technical, very difficult, and the weather made the things even more difficult, with all that slippery rocks. Both races were very similar, the type of terrain was the same, maybe we got some sun today and that was different, absolutely. I think my performance was maybe a little better in the first day; today I couldn't get the same flow. But it's always great to be here in Portugal in this time of the season, doing some nice trainings.

Baptiste Rollier, Kalevan Rasti

I choose Portugal and NAOM because I knew it would be excellent courses, excellent terrain, excellent maps and a lot of international top runners would be here. So, this is the perfect place to start the season. I came here without expectations. It's difficult to know during the Winter, but I'm very happy with my third place and it's good to know that my training is working. It's a motivation to keep on doing the right job. It's very nice to be able to compete against Tove [Alexandersson] and all the other girls. Then you really know the level you are and have no excuses. This is how good I am now. My performance in both days was quite equal and I enjoyed it a lot. Actually, I'm a little bit more happy about the WRE race than today, but it was almost the same performance. The courses were a little different. Today we could run longer legs but it was difficult in different ways.

Ida Marie Næss Bjørgul, Halden SK

I'm really happy with my race on the second day. On the first day I didn't make any big mistakes but my Orienteering wasn't so fluent. On the second day I focused more in a good contact with the map and I think it paid back quite well. The NAOM experience was great but we also had a really tough and intensive period of training before, with the Portugal O' Meeting and some other trainings. I'm very happy to see I was still able to perform quite well in this last races. Of course it's time to train more, to be on top in the Summer, but I feel my shape improving. I really like to be in Portugal. I've been here every Winter for many years and I'll be back next month for another training camp.

Hannu Airila, Kalevan Rasti

I did a short break in the Ski Orienteering season because it was good in time and I like to do Orienteering in Portugal. NAOM was really fun, with two demanding Middle Distances, both physically and technically. I haven't been running that much during the Winter and it was very nice to came here, do some Orienteering and run again. The competition on first day was really fun, I enjoyed it a lot and it was, I think, the best moment. The worst part was, maybe, the weather, raining all the the time. But it doesn't matter, Orienteering was great.

Tove Alexandersson, Stora Tuna OK

It was again a really nice course. I did some little mistakes, I felt a little tired but, most of all, I think that Emil [Svensk] did a great race. Congratulations to him. I don't feel disappointed, I did a good race but I also know that, some times, it's possible that someone beat me. The two courses [yesterday and today] were very similar, with the slippery rocks on the hill in the first part of the race. But I really enjoyed it, a varied course setting, very demanding technically, it was great. I can see that NAOM is improving every year. Good organization, good maps, good courses, like Portugal O' Meeting. It's perfect if you have the chance of being here competing in both events. I'm looking forward next year's POM, which will be also NAOM. I know a little the terrains there and I'm sure it will be a great event.

Thierry Gueorgiou, Kalevan Rasti

Joaquim Margarido

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