Saturday, February 06, 2016

POM 2016: Comments

It was a good and fast race. There was a few controls when I took the wrong direction and missed some time. So, it wasn't very good, but I can't complain. I did few orienteering trainings during the winter and, okay, it was my first competition of the season too. The race wasn't very demanding technically, but still I could have a good map, a good course and it was good for starting the season. I'm here just training. I had quite problems with injuries in November and December and my shape isn't the very best. So it's just training and get some fun.

Fabian Hertner, Kalevan Rasti

I didn't feel already well, but I had good flow in the beginning, let's say in the first seven controls. After that, I started to do some mistakes, which I think are linked to the tiredness. I'm kind of disappointed with my second last control, because of a big mistake, looking to the other runners' trails and I lost about one minute and half. But it was okay. It was a quite fast race and I was expecting a less runnable terrain, but this is maybe because my shape isn't the best at the moment. My goal is to do some fast trainings and races. I've been in Portugal for four or five times and it's perfect to be here in this time of the year. The goal isn't to win the Portugal O' Meeting, no (laughs). There are many good athletes and I'm not at their level. A top 10 or top 15 would be already nice.

Monika Topinkova, Kalevan Rasti

I felt a good flow in some parts of my race, but also did a major mistake and two other of half minute each, but I think it was mostly because I pushed a little bit too hard. This is my first “serious” competition of the season and it was nice to hold the map again. I'm really happy for being here and enjoying the nice terrains. The goal isn't to win the Portugal O' Meeting, just training and spend some time with the map. My shape isn't good enough but, of course, I'll try to do my best.

Annika Billstam, OK Linné

It was good. I really enjoyed it, no big mistakes, I'm satisfied. The terrain was a bit faster than I thought at the beginning, but it was great the mix of high speed running and tricky orienteering. My goal for the Portugal O' Meeting is to get the higher as possible. Thierry Gueorgiou is, of course, the favourite, but I hope to challenge him, definitely.

Gustav Bergman, OK Ravinen

It was rather good. I should look a little bit more to my compass. I didn't made really mistakes to the controls, but on the legs I missed a little bit. We are here for a little Training Camp – we actually brought our roller skies -, but my goal isn't to win the Portugal O' Meeting. Actually, I'm entering in the Elite Women class in just three races. But it's so nice to be here, the competitions are really well organized and the maps are great so far. I really enjoyed my race today and hopefully I'll enjoy the rest of my stay here.

Helena Jansson, OK Ravinen

It was a really nice start. I did just a small mistake, losing about 30 seconds, but the rest of the race was great. The terrain was really fast in some parts and I don't still have the right pace, but it comes day by day. My goal is keep on going to do a good preparation, but I'll do the POM's four races in a focused way and we'll see what happenst. We have to wait six months to the WOC and the results here don't mean too much, but I prefer to be here than last year, injured, in front of my PC.

Thierry Gueorgiou, Kalevin Rasti

Joaquim Margarido

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