Wednesday, February 10, 2016

POM 2016: Comments

I love coming to Portugal, because the very good quality of the maps, courses and competitions. I really liked the first stage this year. It was a perfect example of how a course setter should make the best out of a terrain which seems very easy. A lot of controls and constant change between really fast areas and more technical areas made it a challenge and even though it looked easy (almost?) none of the runners were able to do a clean race. It was also my best race this weekend, and it was nice to see that my speed was good compared with the top runners and I think that means that I'm stronger and faster this year compared with previous seasons.

The other races were also good competitions (good maps and good courses), but I don't really like it when it gets too green because it makes it more random, it's hard to understand from the map exactly where you can get through or where you will get stuck. And like Thierry and a lot of other people have already said, some areas are not meant to be drawn in 1:15.000. On the Long Distance WRE there was a few places where it basically was impossible to read the map because of too many details. I'm quite happy with my performances, even though there is a lot of potential for improvement. I was much closer to a top 10 result in the overall than I expected, so I have to be happy with my results. Overall I will say that I really enjoyed this year's POM (except for the green bushes I got nothing negative to say about the event) and I hope to be back next year.

Ivar Lundanes, Södertälje-Nykvarn

It is already my third POM and every year I feel very excited to come here. I really enjoy this competition as we always have very technical courses. This year my performance was not as good as last year. The terrain was nothing similar to what I'm used to. And on first days I did some very big mistakes because of not using the compass. It is better to make these mistakes here than in the middle of the season. The third day was very demanding for me and I am very happy just for finishing this course. I know it's just the beginning of the season but I think it is one of the toughest courses I will have this year. Last day I think it was much more easier, both physically and technically, and because I started in the Mass Start I had always company all the course, and that was really enjoyable. I enjoyed the night sprint as well very much. You have very beautiful small cities with narrow streets. The night even gives more excitement. When I ran my course, the fog was very strong and it was funny a little bit up on the hill, near the city tower, I could hardly see where to run:) All in all, the POM organization was perfect and I want to thank to everyone who make such a wonderful orienteering event every year. The next year's POM will be, for sure, on my 2017 race list.

Tekle Emilija Gvildyte, Medeina OK

I liked the terrains, especially both Middle Distance races. The best terrain, in my point of view, was the Middle race on Sunday - technical at some places but, on the other hand, very fast in some parts, where every second is counting. The maps and courses were here, on POM, on a very high level and I'm very satisfied with this. I'm generally satisfied with my performances here in Portugal. I was quite surprised after the first stage, that I was relatively back in the result list, so I put a bit more speed into next races and it was good then. Only the last stage was technically bad for me, where I did quite a lot of mistakes (route-choices as well as attacking the controls). Otherwise, I think it was a good start of the season.

Pavel Kubát, Vaajakosken Terä

It was a really nice POM, with good maps and different kinds of challenges every day. Some really short legs in rocky areas on Middle Distances and then, on the last two days, longer route choices where you have to try to avoid green areas and climb. Before coming, I was a bit unsure about my shape and progression during the winter. I had several changes this autumn in my everyday life. To start working again means that I am now training a bit differently, with less volume and more intensive trainings. So POM was a good step to have feedback on how my training is going and what I have to do for the next months. I didn’t have any other expectation than this before coming.

I liked really much the 2nd stage. The terrain was really enjoyable, with tricky rocky parts and it was really challenging to keep high concentration all the way with so many controls. My worse performance was on the WRE event. I did’nt manage to adapt my orienteering to the 1/15.000 scale map, and then I was running before reading properly the map, so it led to many mistakes and a lot of time after Helena Janson. After that stage I ruined my overall ranking but I was happy to manage to end POM on a good race the day after. I learned from my mistakes and felt, surprisingly, good in my legs, so this stage was my best performance of the four races. It was again a perfect organization, and it is a pleasure to come and know that everything will be done the best way, in the forest but also around the races.

Amélie Chataing, Kalevan Rasti

Every time I came to run competitions like POM or NAOM, everything is really well organized. I can't say a bad word about the competition. This was my first training camp orienteering of the season and maybe I'm not in my best physical and technical shape. My favorite discipline is Long Distance and that's why I liked the most the 4th day. Yes, the 4th day because we could have legs with route choices and in 3rd stage I didn't found so many long legs with good route choices. About the result, I didn't expect anything.

Kiril Nikolov, Kalevan Rasti

Joaquim Margarido

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