Monday, February 08, 2016

POM 2016: Comments

The race was more tricky than yesterday.I did some mistakes - a stupid one - and I think I’ll be a bit behind today. It’s my first time in Portugal, I’ve heard too much about it and I’m really satisfied. Good organization, good terrains and a really good competition so far. There’s two tough Long Distances left and I’ll try to do my best. We’ll see in the end but I’m aiming for the best result overall.

Jonas Leandersson, SNO

I got some good feeling but also I got caught in some green, in the beginning and in the end. It was difficult but I really enjoyed it, even if I got a big stone in my shoe. It was hard to concentrate, but it's a really fun terrain, a really cool Middle Distance. The terrain was very detailed but you got really rewarded if you look up a long way and you see something big, so you can make it easy. I'm happy. Now we have two tough Long Distances and anything can happen. I feel in really good shape and it's just my brains catching my legs. But this is coming, slowly.

Catherine Taylor, OK Linné

When I saw the map, I said to myself: It’s going to be a great fun. It was a really good race and I felt stronger today. I’ve made one minute mistakes, but it’s hard to go perfect in this type of terrain, very detailed and really quick. It’s tricky all the way, so I’m satisfied. It would be good to get a nice place at POM overall but there’s a couple of other guys that will be really hard to beat. I’ll do my best, trying to get some good races in nice terrains and nice weather. That’s my goal.

Albin Ridefelt, OK Linné

It was very nice, more technical than yesterday. I was struggling in the beginning to find some controls and also the terrain was a bit slippery on the rocks. I was hesitating until the last moment which one I should to take and I think I made the wrong choice. I wasn't very offensive, I felt like a tourist some times. But, any way, I was enjoying a lot. My shape is not very good at the moment, I came for holiday. I'm trying to run as fast as I can but, mostly, I'm here to enjoy the races.

Eva Jurenikova, Halden SK

I didn't run full speed. It was more like trying to recover for tomorrow's Long Distance. The course was partly demanding technically and a liked it a lot. Comparing to yesterday, today I didn't make mistakes, instead of two or three small mistakes yesterday, in the end, because I was really tired. Also this terrain was more enjoyable, more technical. Before the Portugal O' Meeting I didn't think at all about winning or something, but now it seems to be possible. Of course, I'll try. Tomorrow we'll have a very decisive race, a really hard one. It's lot of climbing and a long race but I think I'm well prepared. I know I can do great in this terrains and I'm looking forward it.

Marika Teini, SK Pohjantähti

I felt well physically but, unfortunately, I haven't trained with map too much, so my head isn't able to follow the legs for now. I need to jump into the rhythm and I'm expecting that everything can fit in some weeks. I think I did well in some parts, but I need to extend it all over the race. Today's map is much more interesting than yesterday, but I think this was well played by the organizers, increasing the level day after day. I liked the terrain, the course was well setted and this kind of “control picking”, with lots of controls, demanded a great concentration in the approach to the control and the exit to the next one.

Tiago Gingão Leal, GD4C

Joaquim Margarido

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