Monday, February 08, 2016

POM 2016: Comments

It was tough. I think the race suited me quite a lot, but was long and up and down. Helena and Annika caught me in control nº 11 and then I ran in a group the rest of the race. In the last controls I tried something different but I stayed for behind. Helena is in good shape and running so fast. She was also smoothed and had such a good flow that I was really impressed with her technical ability. I think when we have stages scoring for the World Ranking the start times interval should be longer. We were four in the group and it's difficult to do something. I made a short cut once but that's it. I think it helped me a couple of minutes. Without them, I wouldn't be able to run so fast, I wasn't that smoothed, I was stopping, I was getting stuck... it's not a well deserved third place. But I'm happy, I enjoyed it, I felt well physically, I'm not completely knocked down. I think it will be alright to run tomorrow.

Eva Jurenikova (Halden SK)

I'm very happy. I had some problems during the winter with my left foot so the training hasn't gone that well, as I wanted. But today it was really nice, like Thierry caught me up with half of the course. He had a litlle bit higher pace than me and his running is very safe and calm, finding very good route choices. It was a very nice journey behind him, he did the job and this third place is a little special, but it was nice to see that I'm physically strong. I felt this terrain more difficult than first day, it was much more tricky orienteering, also interesting route choices, so I really enjoyed it.

Olle Boström (Järla)

[About the second place] Of course it's a good result, absolutely, but I also feel like... I got caught by Helena in the 7th control, I think, and we've been together since. She was stronger and I was always fighting for keeping in touch, so I fell that Helena is really the right winner today. I'm happy for feel myself stronger enough physically. Actually, I think that start intervals in Long Distance should be deeper, like three minutes. But I'm enjoying my time here, it has been super-fun run among the top runners as well. [About the possibility of being tomorrow on top of the podium along with Thierry Gueorgiou] I think I have to pay a little bit for this race today, so we'll see how strong I feel tomorrow. There's a lot of strong girls in the field but I'll have my focus on the technic, in having a nice flow and then we'll see what's left.

Annika Billstam (OK Linné)

It's always nice to have a good result, of course, so I'm really satisfied. It was a good race. The terrain was really demanding. It was tougher than I thought, it was really about keeping the focus all the time and choosing good ways to the controls. It was really enjoyable all the way. I felt pretty strong. I tried to save some energy because I realized it would be a long race, so I felt quite fresh all the race and it was a nice way to face it. I'm really happy.

Albin Ridefelt (OK Linné)

I'm really happy. I did a good race. I had some trouble going to the first control, but then I took it easy. It was a really technical race and I kept focused all the way. I could run together with Annika and Eva and it was really nice. It was a good start field also today and I caught some other girls. It's always nice to compete against the best and I'm happy for doing a good technical race. [About to skip yesterday's stage and be more relaxed today] I can't run everyday, yet. I run about four times a week, so it wasn't an option not to run yesterday, but I had also a very good competition, just walking in the difficult long course.

Helena Jansson

I'm very happy, mostly because it was a really good terrain. That's it what I'm looking for, every time I come to Portugal. Some experiences really special like today. So, I enjoyed a lot and that's what matters. The terrain was very difficult, very tricky, very demanding physically because of the climbing but also technically, asking for a good navigation between the rocks and the green. It was necessary to think twice before to make a option and this is very interesting in a Long Distance. It's this duality, both physical and technical, that we found often in the Portuguese terrains. [About the winning overall] The goal is to winning the POM overall, but we never know what is going to happen. The most important is to enjoy tomorrow once again. I don't have terrains like that every day, so tomorrow I'll try to take benefit from that and get some more experience.

Thierry Gueorgiou

Joaquim Margarido

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