Monday, February 08, 2016

POM 2016: Ricardo Pinto and João Pedro Valente took the victories in PreO

As they did in 2015, João Pedro Valente and Ricardo Pinto won the POM's Invacare PreO. In a perfect terrain for TrailO, both were particularly accurate and fast, beating a really strong concurrence.

Tradition is tradition and the Sunday afternoon of Portugal O' Meeting was, once more, dedicated to TrailO. The map of Abelheira, northwest of Penamacor, received the presence of 89 competitors, including 13 “international”, present in Croatia in the last World Championships. In a top level terrain - “maybe the best ever in TrailO competitions in Portugal”, some said - the fight for the victories was really hard.

In the Paralympic class, the Portuguese Ricardo Pinto DAHP) took the first position with 18 correct answers, against 16 correct answers from his team mate, Cláudio Poiares. The Spanish Carlos Riu Noguerol was third, with less 6 points than the winner. Ricardo Pinto left some opinions in the end: “To me, POM's PreO means a lot. It was here that I did my first TrailO race, in 2012, and it was great to win today. I got a good start at the map and I could read well the terrain. The course was really well set in a excellent terrain to this kind of competition.”

In the Open class, another Portuguese victory. João Pedro Valente did a clean race, winning with 22 points. Close to him, six competitors did 21 points, with the Dutch Mark Heikoop and the British Peter Huzan being faster at the timed station and getting the second and third positions, respectively. To Valente, it was “a really challenging and demanding course, in a wonderful terrain. Also three or four tricky controls, very well designed and difficult to solve. I'm particularly happy with this victory, allowing me to get a place to the European Championships, which was my main goal. I'm also trying to be more present in the Portuguese Cup competitions along the season and this is the perfect way to start.”


Paralympic Class
1. Ricardo Pinto (DAHP) 18 points (77 seconds)
2. Cláudio Poiares (DAHP) 16 points (179 seconds)
3. Carlos Riu Noguerol (Spain) 12 points (55 seconds)
4. Júlio Guerra (DAHP) 9 points (94 seconds)
5. Ana Paula Marques (DAHP) 9 points (148 seconds)

Open Class
1. João Pedro Valente (CPOC) 22 points (35 seconds)
2. Mark Heikoop (Aligots) 21 points (24 seconds)
3. Peter Huzan (Jesus OK) 21 points (27 seconds)
4. Raquel Costa (GafanhOri) 21 points (46 seconds)
5. Jorge Valente (CPOC) 21 points (83 seconds)

Complete results and further information on the event's webpage, at

Joaquim Margarido

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