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Danish Spring 2016: Bobach, Kowalski, Bakkman, Teini and... Alm!

Søren Bobach, Wojciech Kowalski and Fredrik Bakkman shared victories in the Danish Spring 2016, in the Men Elite class. As for the Women Elite class, Maja Alm got the winning in the Sprint and Middle Distance stages, while Marika Teini was first in the Long Distance, ending the best way a great orienteering journey.

A challenging Long Distance hold this morning put an end to the Danish Spring 2016, Foot orienteering event that called to the Danish region of North Zealand more than 600 athletes from 18 different countries. Organized by OK Øst Birkerød and HSOK, the event took pace in Elsinore and Gribskov, offering, along a weekend of excellent Orienteering, three stages scoring for the IOF World Ranking.

The Danish Spring 2016 kicks off with the Sprint stage in Elsinore, in which the Danish Søren Bobach (OK Pan Århus) and Maja Alm (OK H.T.F) were the big winners. The fight for victory in the Men Elite class was quite hard, with the first eight positions separated by 13 seconds. Former World Champion in Sprint (Italy, 2014), Bobach was faster than anyone else, getting the first place in 15:51, against 15:56 and 15:57 from Tue Lassen (Faaborg OK) and Mikko Patana (Hildenkiertajat), respectively second and third. In the Women Elite class, Maja Alm was first with the time of 15:09, against 15:32 of Anne Narhi (Finnish OF) and 15:42 of Cecilie Friberg Klysner (FIF Hillerød Orienteering). The day after, Maja Alm was once more the fastest, winning the Middle Distance stage in 34:36. Confirming the excellent results during the winter season, the Finnish Marika Teini (SK Pohjantahti) was second placed, only 6 seconds after Alm, with Anne Narhi taking the third position with the time of 37:01. In the Men Elite Class, the Polish Wojciech Kowalski (IL Tyrving Orientering) got the podium's top place, with a lead of 37:13 against 37:27 of the Swedish Johan Runesson (Göteborg Majorna OK), second. Søren Bobach, with more 1:31 than Kowalski, was third.

Ending the Danish Spring 2016, the Long Distance stage saw three Swedish in the leading positions in the Men Elite class, with Fredrik Bakkman (IFK Lidingö) being first with 1:27:44, after a really close fight with Johan Runesson, second placed with just more three seconds. Anton Johansson (OK Orion) registered the time of 1:28:56 and took the third place. In the Women Elite class, Marika Teini and Maja Alm changed positions in relation to the Middle stage, with the Finnish being now first with 1:09:07, against 1:10:34 from the Danish. Miia Nittynen (Koovee) was third. In the Women Junior class, Josefine Lind (OK GORM) performed amazingly and took the victory in all three stages, having in Amanda Falck Weber (Tisvilde Hegn OK) a combative opponent and a “persistent” second placed. In the Men Junior class, Kasper Fosser (Heming Orienterng) was also a strong winner, imposing to the concurrence by large margins in the Middle Distance and Long Distance stages and taking his 6th Danish Spring victory in a row!

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