Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Portugal City Race 2016: Rodriguez and Fernandes won the first stage

Barcelos attended the first stage of the Portugal City Race 2016. In a sunny morning, Maikel Rodriguez and Joana Fernandes were the big winners in the senior classes.

In a truly fantastic day for the practice of Orienteering, Barcelos hosted the 1st stage of the Portugal City Race. Organized by the Amigos da Montanha Association, the event called to this beautiful city more than 300 participants, many of them youngster from the school sports or simply curious, trying here the sport for the very first time.

In the Men Senior class, the victory went to the Spanish Maikel Rodriguez (Aromon) with a time of 40:16. Assiduous presence in the Portuguese races organized in the north, the athlete has shown a tremendous consistency along the course, taking advantage of the mispunch of Pedro Torres (VidaActiva), the great leader in the first half. With more 30 seconds than the winner, Victor Barreiro (Individual) would reach the second position, while the third place went to Carlos Viana (.COM), with a time of 42:17. In the Women Seniors class, Joana Fernandes (.COM) dominated from the first to the last control, beating categorically the favorite Carolina Delgado (GD4C), current National Champion of Spint and winner of the 1st edition of the Portugal City Race. Joana Fernandes spent 41:17 to complete her course, against 42:07 of Carolina Delgado. The third place fell to Tânia Covas Costa (.COM), with 2:18 more than the winner.

An attractive certamen

After a successful first edition, the Portugal City Race is back this year with another breath, divided for nine cities in the north and the center of the country. As Barcelos, the cities of Braga, Vila do Conde, Viseu and Porto back to welcome the event, Penafiel being the only “break” in relation to 2015. In contrast, the cities of Leiria, Águeda, Aveiro and Figueira da Foz do, this year, part of the offer, greatly enriching this unique set of events.

Inspired in the City Race Euro Tour, the Portugal City Race bases its philosophy on Foot orienteering events in an urban environment and with courses designed for times of winners matching with the rules of the Portuguese Orienteering Federation for the Middle and Long Distance. The courses cover all ages, can be made individually or in groups, and for the less competitive or to take the first steps in Orienteering, the organizations promote a tourist course, putting on the map the major attractions of each of the sites where the event is perform.


Men Senior
1. Maikel Rodriguez (Aromon) 40:16 (+ 00:00)
2. Victor Barreiro (Individual) 40:46 (+ 00:30)
3. Carlos Viana (.COM) 42:17 (+ 02:01)
4. André Rodrigues (Individual) 42:44 (+ 02:28)
5. Sergio Duarte (.COM) 43:04 (+ 02:48)

Women Senior
1. Joana Fernandes (.COM) 41:17 (+ 00:00)
2. Carolina Delgado (GD4C) 42:07 (+ 00:50)
3. Tania Covas Costa (.COM) 43:35 (+ 02:18)
4. Carla Sousa (GD4C) 48:01 (+ 06:44)
5. Albertina Sá (ADFA) 49:27 (+ 08:10)

Complete results and further information at http://www.amigosdamontanha.com/_barcelos_city_race_6.

[Photo: Portugal City Race / facebook.com/cityraceportugal]

Joaquim Margarido

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