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Portuguese Adapted Orienteering League 2016: Triumphs of Oliveira and Silva in the first stage

Domingos Oliveira and Liliana Silva, were the big winners of Barcelos City Race's Orienteering Adapted course. In the beginning of a new season, both athletes from Clube Gaia took comfortable winnings over João Encarnação and Jéssica Mendes Ferreira, in the second position.

The Portuguese Adapted Orienteering League is back for a new season. Appeared in Portugal in the autumn of 2011 and pretending to be seen as a discipline of Orienteering giving priority to specific groups - where intellectual disability and children in preschool are included -, the Adapted Orienteering has been strongly supported by the Portuguese Orienteering Federation, the National Sports Association for the Intellectual Disability, the Portuguese Federation of Sport for Disability and several orienteering clubs.

The new edition's first stage took place in Barcelos and was included in the Barcelos City Race. Organized by the Amigos da Montanha Association and the Grupo Desportivo dos Quatro Caminhos, the event registered the presence of 62 participants, 25 in the competition and the rest in the Adapted Activity, a non-competitive course held in groups and with a recreational goal. Repeating the result of the last stage of the Portuguese League 2015, Domingos Oliveira (Clube Gaia) was the faster in the 9 athletes group who scored a 10/10 points, reaching a really tasty victory in the Men class. With more 2:49 and 3:32 than the winner, João Encarnação and Fábio Coelho, both from Clube Gaia, took the following places on the podium. Winner of the Portuguese League in the last year, Vítor Pereira (Clube Gaia) did one mistake and was 10th placed.

In the Women class, Liliana Silva (Clube Gaia) started in the best way, winning with a score of 10/10 points and the excellent time of 13:56. Also with 10/10 points, but with more 4:18 and 5:38 than the winner, Jéssica Mendes Ferreira and Laura Rocha, both from Cerciespinho, took the second and the third positions, respectively. With a performance below the expected, Paula Santos (Clube Gaia) couldn't confirm her favouritism and finished in the 10th position. The Portuguese Adapted Orienteering League 2015 returns next 17th April with the Vila do Conde City Race.


Men class
1. Domingos Oliveira (Clube Gaia) 10/10 points (09:36)
2. João Encarnação (Clube Gaia) 10/10 points (12:25)
3. Fábio Coelho (Clube Gaia) 10/10 points (13:08)
4. João Faure (Clube Gaia) 10/10 points (13:15)
5. António Fernandes (Cerciespeinho) 10/10 points (15:56)

Women class
1. Liliana Silva (Clube Gaia) 10/10 points (13:56)
2. Jéssica Mendes Ferreira (Cerciespinho) 10/10 points (18:14)
3. Laura Rocha (Cerciespinho) 10/10 points (19:34)
4. Maria Lurdes Amador (Cercivar) 10/10 points (19:44)
5. Tânia Valente (Cercivar) 10/10 points (25:41)

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