Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spanish Trail Orienteering Championships 2016: Gold for Juan Valente and Carlos Riu

Juan Pedro Valente and Carlos Riu Noguerol won the Spanish Trail orienteering Championships 2016, respectively in the Open Class and Paralympic Class. The event took place in the beautiful surroundings of Castiñeiras Lake, Pontevedra, having the participation of 76 athletes.

It was under a persistent rain and immersed in the fog that took place on the Castiñeiras Lake map, in Pontevedra, the Spanish Trail orienteering Championships 2016. Organized by AROMON Club Montañeiros Pontevedra A Roelo, the event relied on Toño Hernandez's course setting on a map designed by Javier Arufe and Natalia Pedre.

Among the 76 participants - including 10 Portuguese – highlights the presence of the “international” Santiago Perez, Carlos Riu Noguerol Jose Antonio Tamarit, Ana Belén Calvo, Juan Pedro Valente, Cláudio Tereso, Ricardo Pinto, Julio Guerra and Ana Paula Marques and still the current Spanish Champion, Alex Tello Lacal. Taking advantage of the best that the map had to offer - water lines, contours and vegetation - the course comprised an interesting set of challenges along 1550 metres and 21 controls, testing the competitors' quality and skills. The organization was forced to avoid two controls, one of which even before the start, but in the end the feedback was very positive, according to the general opinion of the participants.

With just one mistake, Juan Pedro Valente (Imperdible) would be the big winner in the Open Class, recovering the title of Spanish Champion achieved in Malaga, in 2014. With 17 points were classified five athletes, with the silver medal to Héctor Lorenzo (Imperdible) and the bronze to José Antonio Tamarit (CC Valencia), thanks to their performances in the timed controls. In the Paralympic class, Carlos Riu Noguerol (COMA) had no opponents in the fight for the title, eventually being crowned Champion of Spain with a total of 9 points. Much better were the Portuguese Paralympic with Ricardo Pinto and Claudio Poiares, both from DAHP, concluding their courses with 17 and 16 points, respectively.


Paralympic Class
1. Carlos Riu Noguerol (COMA) 9/19 points (257.5 seconds)
nc Ricardo Pinto (POR DAHP) 17/19 points (165 seconds)
nc Cláudio Poaires (POR DAHP) 16/19 points (114.0 seconds)
nc Júlio Guerra (POR DAHP) 11/19 points (223.0 seconds)
nc Ana Paula Marques (POR DAHP) 7/19 points (235.0 seconds)
nc António Amorim (POR DAHP) 6/19 points (241 seconds)

Open Class
1. Juan Pedro Valente (Imperdible) 18/19 points (30.0 seconds)
2. Héctor Lorenzo (Imperdible) 17/19 points (34.5 seconds)
3. José António Tamarit (CC Valencia) 17/19 points (45.0 seconds)
4. Juan Antonio Villena (Valencia-O) 17/19 points (174.5 seconds)
5. Ramon García-Catalan (Imperdible) 17/19 points (270.0 seconds)
6. Santiago Pérez (COMA) 16/19 points (115.0 seconds)
7. Andres Lopez (Montaña Ferrol) 16/19 points (150.0 seconds)
8. Rúben Maeztu Ugarte (CD Navarra) 16/19 points (186.5 seconds)
9. Ana Belén Calvo (UPV-O) 15/19 points (76.0 seconds)
10. Adrián Tamarit (Valencia-O) 15/19 points (109.0 seconds)
nc Nuno Rebelo (POR Ori-Estarreja) 17/19 points (93.0 seconds)
nc Cláudio Tereso (POR ATV) 16/19 points (43.0 seconds)

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