Friday, March 04, 2016

Two or three things I know about it...

1. Brian Porteous is about to leave the IOF's Presidency. In accordance with the IOF Statutes, member federations having members on the current Council need to declare whether they will seek re-election 6 months prior to the General Assembly. Ahead of the IOF Congress and XXVIII Ordinary General Assembly on 26 August, 2016, in Strömstad, Sweden, the current IOF Council members have now formally announced who will be seeking re-election. Are in this case the current Senior Vice President Leho Haldna (Estonia), the two current Vice Presidents Michael Dowling (Australia) and Astrid Waaler Kaas (Norway), and Ting-wang ‘Dominic’ Yue (Hong-Kong), Laszlo Zentai (Hungary), Maria Silvia Viti (Italy), Owe Fredholm (Sweden), Niklaus Suter (Switzerland), Tatiana Kalenderoglu (Turkey) and Mikko Salonen (Finland). The most remarkable announcement is that IOF President Brian Porteous will not be seeking re-election, so the IOF General Assembly will elect a new President in August. Member federations have now the opportunity to nominate additional candidates for the IOF Council. Nominations need to reach the IOF Secretary General at least 4 months prior to the General Assembly, i.e. by April 26th at the latest. Everything to check at

2. The International Orienteering Federation (IOF) are in the planning process of developing the IOF LiveCenter from only offering GPS tracking and livestream into a fan page where new and current fans of orienteering can follow the sport 365 days a year. “This is a first concept test of this new Channel, a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) with the minimal first features that will give you as a user a feel for the new product”, can be read in the new fan page for orienteering, at The initiative's promoters are now testing this very early version to learn how the users experience the features presented and what should be prioritize in the further development. So, an invitation: “Help us develop this page. For us to learn, we hope, you will take the time to fill in the questionnaire. This will help us in the development of the channel so it will give you and hopefully many others a larger interest in following orienteering more closely in the future.”

3. The Swedish Annika Björk (OK Linné) and William Lind (Malungs OK Skogsmardarna) won the Antalya O’ Days 2016, last weekend in Antalya region, Turkey. Four days and three events scoring for the World Ranking were the organizers' offer, in beautiful terrains near the sea. The winners of Middle Distance WRE, on second day, were William Lind and Kirsi Nurmi (IFK Göteborg). Miika Suominen (Rajamaen Rykmentti) and Emma Silvennoinen (Paimion Rasti) took the first place on the Long Distance WRE stage, on third day. In the last day of competition, Riccardo Scalet (5 Days of Italy 2016) and Liga Valdmane (Rehns BK) reached the top positions. Overall, Daniel Hajek (Malungs OK Skogsmardarna) and Kristin Olovsson (Rehns BK) took the second position, while Jesper Lysell (Rehns BK) and Emine Sezgünsay (Istambul Orienteering SK-IOG) were third. The event registered the participation of 1335 athletes, 140 of whom in the Men/Women Elite classes. For further information and complete results, please consult the event's webpage at

4. With the approach of Spring, come to an end the most important orienteering events in the Iberian Peninsula or, at least, those who attract more athletes from around the world. Caños de Meca, Barbate, hosted one of the greatest events on the list, spreading the attention for three stages, the last one in... Morocco. That's true, the AOM's 7th edition got “back to basics”, which means, “going back to our roots, offering original & quality events on the technical side, without too much fanciness around”, in the organizers' words. A festive Night Relay Mass Start opened the program, with Gaute Friestad and Jan Sedivy (Kristiansand OK) winning the Men Long difficult class and Venla Harju and Lotta Karhola (Team Finland) being the fastest in the Women Long difficult class. Elli Virta and Topi Penttinen (Trian) won the Mixed Long difficult class, with Nadiya Volynska and Oleksandr Kratov (Koovee – Orion) on the second place. More than 300 athletes participated in the Middle Distance race on second day, with Matthias Kyburz (Switzerland) and Emma Johansson (Domnarvets GoIF) taking the first place in the Elite classes. Finally, the Middle Distance – King of MoroccO, called to the other side of the strait of Gibraltar almost 150 athletes. The winners in the Elite classes were Veli Kangas (Team Finland) and Nina Temyakova (Paimion Rasti). Everything to know at

[Photo: Erik Borg]

Joaquim Margarido

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