Saturday, March 19, 2016

Two or three things I know about it...

1. The Spanish MTBO League 2016 had its beginnings last weekend in Zaragoza, with the 5th Trophy Faro MTBO / Female Iberian Championships. Organized by IBON Club, the event registered the participation of 184 athletes for three tough and well contested stages. Repeating the excellent performances of the last season, the Spanish Monica Aguilera (Tierra Tragame) revalidated the Middle Distance and Long Distance titles in the Elite class, with Ana Varela Yañez (Brigantia) being second in the Middle Distance and the Portuguese Susana Pontes (COC) taking the second place in the Long Distance. The Spanish Margarita Molero Urios (Wakhan) in Juniors, Pilar Garcia (Peña Guara) in Cadets, Luisa Felpeto González (Fluvial Lugo) on Veterans A and Marce Fornies Domènech (COC Barcelona) in Veterans B took the Iberian titles, both in the Middle Distance and in the Long Distance, while the Portuguese Marisa Costa (COA) conquered the Iberian title in Juveniles in both distances. The triumph in the Men Elite class overall fell to the Spanish Ángel Garcia Garcia (Brigantia), ahead of his compatriots David Toll Clos (Go-Xtrem) and Francisco Javier Costoya (Adventure La Coruña). By doing “mp” in the second stage, the Portuguese Davide Machado lost definitely the chance to win the trophy, after a good win in the opening stage. Complete results and other information

2. Combining the convenience of a smart phone and the challenge of orienteering, it's available on Apple AppStore and Google Play an application called “iOrienteering”. Suitable for all age groups and abilities, the App is very easy to use and has a free version to download and try for yourself. To get started, you just need to scan the course set up code from the map or at the start location. Once you ready to go, scan the start code to start to clock. Scan the controls as you pass them, then the finish code at the end to stop the clock. Once finished you'll be offered the chance to upload your results to the App's webpage. Designed for both iPhone and iPad, this app was developed by Richard Patton and requires iOS 6.0 or later. iOrienteering isn’t just limited to the traditional sport. It has lots of other uses. It can be used anywhere in the world. Any time of day or night. “Start in a group or challenge your friends. Why not set up your own events and have fun?”, can be read at

3. The World Masters Orienteering Championships/World Masters Games 2017 Organizing Committee is seeking course planners for the sprint qualification and sprint finals races to be held on the Auckland Waterfront and Auckland University City Campus areas on Sunday and Monday April 23rd and 24th 2017 respectively. If you have experience at planning sprint events and are interested please email Gillian Ingham (WMOC2017 National Controller) at as soon as possible. It is anticipated that draft maps will be available soon after Easter 2016 and we would appreciate draft courses to be ready for the visit of the IOF Senior Event Advisor in June 2016.

4. “All in or all out?” it's the question that we can find at Maja Alm'sFacebook page. There, Maja explains the contradictory emotions after Emma Klingenberg's announcement of her retirement from the high competition. “When you get the news that one of your teammates and good friends is quitting the National Team it makes you reconsider why you spend all your time on one thing - trying to become the best in the world. For so many years Emma, Ida and I have tried to become World Champions. We finally succeeded last summer when we won the Relay Gold Medal, and so what? When you reach such a big dream you find out, that it is really not all about the medals”, she says. Underlining the idea that “you need to love the way to the top”, Maja says to be ready to take the challenge of defending the gold from last WOC. “If I should conclude whether I’m in or out, I’m definitely in. I really love my life as an athlete, I love to train and most important of all - I’m hungry for more”, says Maja. And she turns to Emma again and her replacement in the team, concluding: “ I just talked to Ida Bobach and even though we both have our things to struggle with, we are ready to fight for more Gold Medals to Denmark. Of course it will be a different and bigger challenge without Emma on the team, and I hope that who ever will make it to the Danish Relay Team will enjoy it, because we REALLY do!”

Joaquim Margarido

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