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CamBOr 2016: First round marked by tragedy

Leandro Pasturiza, Cleber Baratto Vidal, Leticia Saltori and Franciely Chiles shared victories during the Brazilian Orienteering Championships' first round. The event was marked by tragedy, with the accident that killed Itamar Torrezam, a reference in the Brazilian Orienteering.

Rio Negrinho, in the state of Santa Catarina, was the city chosen by the Brazilian Orienteering Confederation to host the first stage of the 18th Brazilian Orienteering Championships CamBOr 2016. Organized by the Coville - Jointville Orienteering Club, the event had the participation of 535 athletes from all over the country and was tragically marked by the death of Itamar Torrezam, one of the pioneers of Orienteering in Brazil. Following to a 25 metres fall from a cliff during the Long Distance course, Torrezam didn't resist to the multiple trauma suffered and died. The fact, felt with the deepest sadness by the Brazilian orienteer family, happens at a time when Itamar Torrezam celebrated 40 years of dedication to the Orienteering, being one of its most committed promoters in Brazil.

In the competitive way, Leandro Pereira Pasturiza (COSaM) started the CamBOr 2016 the best way, winning the Long Distance course in 1:15:40, with a lead of 3:35 over Cleber Baratto Vidal (COSM), ranked second. Owner of six Brazilian titles so far, Pasturiza search this year for an unprecedented “hat-trick”, after his victories in 2014 and 2015. In the Middle Distance course that ended the competition, the positions on the top two changed and Cleber Baratto Vidal was the winner with the time of 32:24 against 33:30 of his opponent. In terms of ranking, the two athletes start for the CamBOr 2016's second stage - Rio Quente / GO, from 17th to 19th June 2016 – with the same points.

Looking forward her first Brazilian Orienteering title ever in the Women Elite, Leticia Saltori (ADAAN) was the featured figure of this first round, achieving a win and a second position. The triumph occurred in the Long Distance stage, with the athlete fulfilling her course in 1:04:57 and leaving the second placed, Mirian Pasturiza (ADAAN), at far 4:29. Franciely Siqueira Chiles (COSM), the winner of CamBOr 2014, won the Middle Distance, after being 4th in the Long Distance. A really tight fight and a victory with the time of 33:24, with Leticia finishing second with more 9 seconds than Franciely. The CamBOr 2015's winner, Tania Maria Jesus de Carvalho (ADAAN), was far from her usual performances, being 6th in the Long Distance and 7th in the Middle Distance.


Long Distance

Men Elite (10 Km 340 m 19 C)
1. Leandro Pasturiza (COSaM) 1:15:40 (+ 00:00)
2. Cleber Baratto Vidal (COSM) 1:19:15 (+ 03:35)
3. Ironir Alberto Ev (COSM) 1:20:58 (+ 05:18)
4. Everton Daniel Markus (COSM) 1:23:58 (+ 08:18)
5. Claudinei Nitch (CASUSA) 1:24:32 (+ 08:52)

Women Elite (7,1 Km 250 m 16 C)
1. Leticia Saltori (ADAAN) 1:04:57 (+ 00:00)
2. Mirian Pasturiza (ADAAN) 1:09:26 (+ 04:29)
3. Edineia Roniak (COGA) 1:11:51 (+ 06:54)
4. Franciely Chiles (COSM) 1:12:13 (+ 07:16)
5. Camila Cortinhas (COSM) 1:12:24 (+ 07:27)

Middle Distance

Men Elite (5,0 Km 130 m 13 C)
1. Cleber Baratto Vidal (COSM) 32:24 (+ 00:00)
2. Leandro Pasturiza (COSaM) 33:30 (+ 01:06)
3. Sidnaldo Farias Sousa (ADAAN) 33:44 (+ 01:20)
4. Ironir Alberto Ev (COSM) 34:27 (+ 02:03)
5. Marciano Kaminski (CASUSA) 35:31 (+ 03:07)

Women Elite (3,9 Km 120 m 12 C)
1. Franciely Chiles (COSM) 33:24 (+ 00:00)
2. Leticia Saltori (ADAAN) 33:33 (+ 00:09)
3. Camila Cortinhas (COSM) 37:28 (+ 04:04)
4. Edinéia Roniak (COGA) 39:24 (+ 06:00)
5. Elaine Lenz (ADAAN) 40:36 (+ 07:12)

To see the full results and further information, please visit the event's webpage at

Joaquim Margarido

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