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Costa Alentejana MTBO Trophy 2016: Sprint titles to João Ferreira and Ana Filipa Silva

João Ferreira and Ana Filipa Silva are the new Portuguese MTB Orienteering Champions in Sprint. Following Carlos Simões and Susana Pontes, respectively, they were the fastest in the two legs overall, hold in Vila Nova de Santo André.

Perfect place for the practice of MTB orienteering, the Alentejo Coast hosted once more a major national event, with the completion of the Costa Alentejana MTBO Trophy 2016. Hold in Santiago do Cacém, the event was organized by the Clube da Natureza de Alvito, the Clube de Orientação e Aventura do Litoral Alentejano and the Portuguese Orienteering Federation, in partnership with the municipality of Santiago do Cacém and the support of Santo André Parish and the Council Parish of Santiago do Cacém, S. Bartolomeu and Santa Cruz. Including two stages scoring for the Portuguese MTB orienteering League 2016 - National Sprint Championships, in Vila Nova de Santo André, in two legs, and a Long Distance stage in Relvas Verdes - the event was attended by 104 athletes, 89 of which struggling directly for the national sprint titles in 12 classes.

Fulfilling the first day's program of the Costa Alentejana MTBO Trophy 2016, the National Sprint Championships saw João Ferreira (CAB) imposing to the favorite Davide Machado (.COM), winning the Men Elite title in this distance for the first time in his career. A comfortable win of 1:44 in the first leg on Machado, gave to João Ferreira the necessary calm to manage the advantage in the decisive leg. Daniel Marques (COC) won the second leg, but Ferreira could consolidate the lead, extended the advantage over his direct opponent to 3:21. In his first season in the Elite, the young Paul Roothans (CN Alvito) would be the third place, with more 4:56 than the winner. In the Women Elite, Ana Filipa Silva (CPOC) also reached the national title in Sprint for the first time in her career, beating the precedent champion, Susana Pontes (COC). Susana Pontes won the first round, but Ana Filipa Silva could recover the disadvantage of 43 seconds, finishing with a total time of 38:03, against 39:21 of her most direct opponent. The third placed, at distant 14:15 from the winner, was Diana Moreira (CAB).

The Long Distance stage ended the event's program and Davide Machado was at the highest level this time, winning the Men Elite class with a time of 1:25:42. João Ferreira and Luis Barreiro (NADA), with more 6:04 and 9:21, respectively, than the winner, reached the immediate positions. In the Women Elite class, Ana Filipa Silva was the fastest again, finishing her course with a time of 1:20:31. Susana Pontes spent more 1:15 and was the second placed, while Rita Gomes (BTT Loulé / BPI) concluded in the third position, at 10:34 to the winner. João Ferreira and Ana Filipa Silva were, in the end, the big winners of the Costa Alentejana MTBO Trophy 2016.

NC Sprint

Men Elite
1. João Ferreira (CAB) 33:44 (+ 00:00)
2. Davide Machado (.COM) 37:05 (+ 03:21)
3. Paul Roothans (CN Alvito) 38:40 (+ 04:56)
4. Arnaldo Mendes (ADM Ori-Mondego) 41:13 (+ 07:29)
5. José João Henriques (Amigos da Montanha) 42:58 (+ 09:14)

Women Elite
1. Ana Filipa Silva (CPOC) 38:03 (+ 00:00)
2. Susana Pontes (COC) 39:21 (+ 01:18)
3. Diana Moreira (CAB) 52:18 (+ 14:15)
4. Rita Gomes (BTT Loulé/BPI) 56:34 (+ 18:31)
5. Noémia Magalhães (Amigos da Montanha) 57:28 (+ 19:25)

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